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Kristina's Date With Dean - Bachelor In Paradise

It's practically impossible to discuss season four of Bachelor in Paradise without acknowledging the cringe-worthy love triangle that developed between Dean Unglert, Kristina Schulman, and Danielle "D-Lo" Lombard on that beach in Mexico. Although Kristina and Dean started out strong and even spent time together during the infamous shutdown at the beginning of the season, that all changed when D-Lo came into the picture, forming an awkward-as-hell love triangle that revealed Dean's true colors to hordes of now-former fangirls. So, how does Kristina really feel about things now that the cameras aren't rolling? Below we've outlined her most notable statements for all you die-hard Bachelor Nation members who are itching for the latest scoop. While chatting with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti on their podcast, Kristina said that she was watching back the entire season for the first time along with the rest of America. While doing so, she got to see parts of D-Lo and Dean's relationship that she didn't witness in person. Whenever I was in the moment, it was just the relationship between myself and Dean.

As fans remember, there was an epic love triangle between the two, and fellow contestant Danielle Lombard.

Kristina's Date With Dean - Bachelor In Paradise

He ultimately chose to pursue a relationship with Lombard, leaving Schulman heartbroken even though he spent the night with Schulman right before the rose ceremony! She left the show without giving her rose to anyone.

In the story, Unglert is seen staring at a woman on the beach in a red bikini. Later, Schulman posted a photo on her Instagram See for yourself:. Another clue that may indicate they are dating again is their appearance together at Stagecoach at the end of April.

After Winter Games finished filming, he did reach out to me and say that he was dating someone. Out of respect for her and me, we should not continue talking.

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Fans may have thought the saga of Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman had come to an end during the Season 4 finale of Bachelor In. Throughout Paradise Dean went from Kristina to Danielle to Kristina to that we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend or in an exclusive relationship. A post shared by Dean Michael Unglert (@deanie_babies) on Aug 13, Are Kristina and Dean Still Friends After Bachelor in Paradise?.

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What Did Dean Do to Kristina on Bachelor in Paradise?

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Yes, Please No Thanks. Dean and Kristina are definitely not an item after Bachelor In Paradise. Not only did Kristina straight up leave Mexico because of his shenanigans, but she was very vocal in person and on social media about how she felt about his quick change of attitude towards their relationship when Danielle L.

Are dean and kristina dating

She wasn't pleased to say the least. Can I blame her?

Absolutely not. Dean was really inconsiderate of her feelings after they had seemingly cultivated a strong bond, even spending a week together when production on Bachelor In Paradise production briefly shut down.

Bachelor Nation couldn't get enough of Dean Unglert, even after Rachel Lindsay let him go after hometown dates on The Bachelorette. He had. Things really seem to be heating up between Dean and Rachel on The Bachelorette. This week Rachel and Dean went on a romantic. Anyone who watched Bachelor in Paradise remember the romance between Kristina Schulman and Dean Unglert. But are Kristina and Dean.

When filming resumed, Dean seemed to have a change of heart once he was given more options back in Paradise again. And, hey, the heart wants what it wants, but Dean didn't go about things with Kristina in the right way when he wanted to start dating Danielle L. When it comes to Danielle L.

After leaving Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season as a true fan favorite, he showed up in Paradise for another chance to find love. He quickly got involved with Kristina (and then Danielle L.) and ended up being kind of a jerk to both of them. But, is Dean dating Kristina or. Has Danielle Lombard's arrival on "BiP" wrecked Dean and Kristina's time together? Find out if Dean and Kristina are dating!. Kristina Schulman and Dean Unglert Are Seemingly Back Together and filming , he did reach out to me and say that he was dating someone.

Kristina left the show before the finale, but Danielle L. Last week, he even declined an offer for a one-on-one date with the Ferguson twins mainly Emily because he felt strongly enough about Danielle to see where they were headed.

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