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Are Spencer & Caleb Dating On 'Pretty Little Liars?' Season 6 Could Get Very Complicated

Pretty Little Liars - Spencer and Caleb Break Up - 7x06 "Wanted: Dead or Alive"

There are so many questions about this season of Pretty Little Liars but the biggest one of all okay, besides finding a murder suspect, of course is whether Spencer and Caleb are dating. Hanna and Spencer dated forever, but the second half of season six opened up with Hanna engaged to another guy. Worse, Spencer is living in Caleb's barn. Sad, right? Haleb shippers have plenty of reason to worry: Recently, the cast told The Hollywood Reporter that there were going to be lots of changes in who's kissing whom this season.

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Oh my my. Now that they are back together, Hanna Ashley Benson and Caleb Tyler Blackburn are wasting no time falling back into their old routine.

Caleb and spencer dating pll

Sorry, Spencer Troian Bellisariobut while Spaleb was a fun tryst or, you know, the worst thing to ever happen to Pretty Little Liars it's all about the Haleb action once again. A new clip from Pretty Little Liars ' final 10 episodes, provided by Entertainment Weeklyproves that Hanna and Caleb aren't letting one another go anytime soon. The new episode is called "Playtime," but Hanna and Caleb are already done playing.

Sorry, Spencer (Troian Bellisario), but while Spaleb was a fun tryst (or, you know, the worst thing to ever happen to Pretty Little Liars) it's all. Spencer and Caleb have delivered the most powerful moment of Pretty Little Liars two weeks in a row. Why are we so eager to wreck this ship?. Spaleb Pairing: Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers Status: Broken Up, Close Friends Started: A Hot Piece of A (friendship) The Gloves Are On.

You're supposed to pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Haleb? Unfortunately, Haleb reigniting their spark isn't the only thing that Hanna's concerned with.

Hanna was getting married. It's reasonable to assume that most people who are getting married are over their ex.

To be a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you need to be understand a few big things: 1) that what you think is going to happen is never actually going to. Sorry Haleb fans it seems like there may be a new it couple in Rosewood. In the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere, Spencer and Caleb.

Hanna shouldn't have been lying to herself and everyone else. Spencer and Caleb is the only pairing that made sense.

What were they going to do, Toby and Hanna? I can't imagine a scenario where Spencer goes there. But I still don't see her ever going there with Caleb not only because of Hanna but Toby too who has a friendship with Caleb.

Why Spencer & Caleb Dating On 'Pretty Little Liars' Could Actually Be A Great Thing

Look at the song playing while they start making out for the first time Ring of Fire Love the song but only with Cash singing it. The entire Spaleb thing rubbed me the wrong way. I don't think it was in character for Spencer to go there and even so, from day 1 it was shown as wrong and not right either.

It was more than obvious that Hanna wasn't okay with it, but we've known since the beginning that Spencer is more than capable of it. I sure as hell wouldn't head up to my best friend's very recently ex-boyfriend's hotel room a few weeks after the break-up, or ever, and I certainly wouldn't pursue a relationship by meeting up with them semi-regularly, because I know that can't lead anywhere good.

But Spencer doesn't really have the best grasp of boundaries or consequences.

There are so many questions about this season of Pretty Little Liars but the biggest one of all (okay, besides finding a murder suspect. When Spencer asked to date Caleb, it obviously hurt her, but she again set her feelings aside and let Spaleb happen. This lead her to keep. i think the person who fall in love with caleb was spencer and not her would NEVER date caleb if hanna said no but the majority of pll fans.

I have a much harder time believing Caleb would do that to Toby, so maybe he's the one with the crazy twin. And Of course it was obvious to the fans because we're supposed to see the drama.

We see things from Hanna's POV and know what's in her head. Of course we see it.

It wasn't meant to be obvious to Spencer or other characters in the show. You can tell when a show is showing you a character ignoring another's feelings like what you're suggesting and I don't see it. Spencer believed Hanna, that was obvious.

The Psychology of the Spaleb and Haleb love triangle

Spencer wasn't going to do anything with Caleb unless Hanna said so. Madrid, remember?

Spencer would later go on and on about it. No way in hell would I pull something like that. Spencer and Caleb only knew each other through their relationships or A, I can't imagine giving any of my friends' exes more than a polite nod and brief conversation, and that includes the ones I enjoy talking to.

Hanna, Spencer & Caleb - Stone Cold

And no matter what happens in 6B, Bellisario says, "The main thing Still, she's clearly enjoying the speculation around the dating rumors, laughing at passionate Haleb and Spoby 'shippers' reactions to the fateful new footage. She's careful to keep the possibilities for what exactly that "it" is wide open, though.

That Spencer and Caleb aren't dating? Or that they are, but Hanna's totally OK with it?

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