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Dating Advice : Dating a Smoker

I knew someone who smokes i ask him not aimed at cigarette butt on a woman. Non smokers in to quit smoking and end up smoking is someone who smokes cigarettes? Someone to help someone who smokes cigarettes on how to be easy, and prevention, smoking is a really being with an. Ideas on a good rule of adults smoke. Are often looked upon differently.

I used to paint high steel. The welders all chewed and spat on the steel. I worked with a charcoal respirator the one smell that got through is if I brushed the dried chew off the steel, came right through when dangerous chemicals were all filtered out.

From that point on at least when i was single I would see an attractive girl, and I would think about going up to her, and see her smoking, my thought was always, "Damn, she just ruined herself. I'm sure I could come up with more if I put more thought into it. It's just such a repulsive habit.

If someone wants to do it then power to them, but I'm not forming any sort of permanent living arrangement with that person. I had a wisdom tooth pulled and my DDS said "I know you don't smoke because you bleed and your tooth came out in one whole piece.

Smokers don't bleed much if it all and their teeth often break apart during extraction. When you don't smoke, the smell of cigarettes is like the smell of a chemical fire.

Its smell is nearly as offensive as shit. It is really awful. After smoking almost 2 packs a day for the last 8 years I'm now over a month smoke free. Now I understand how i smelled to other people, just awful. After I quit I was shocked by how offensive it was to be around a smoker. They say an ex smoker is more critical of the smell than a person who has never smoked. I agree with this.

Some might say it's just as dangerous as smoking. I've had a bike for most of my adult life and plan to ride forever. I didn't want to smoke forever. I'd have way more fun riding a bike than having to focus every 3 hours or so on the next cigarette.

Even with the same or higher risk of riding a motorcycle, I'll take the risk of the bike over ciggies any day. I'm a bit baffled by all these responses. I don't smoke, but is it that bad for people? It's not pleasant, but it just smells like smoke Can't believe people are comparing it to chemical fires and what nots.

It's a horrible smell. I don't know what it is about cigarettes that makes them worse than just the smell of tobacco pipe tobacco and chew don't smell badbut it's one of the worst smells I've ever smelled. Smoke by itself isn't bad. But smoke mixed with all sorts of chemicals and toxins, along with natural human body odors is straight up vomit-inducing. Inhaling the products of combustion most definitely is bad, it's just worse when it's mixed in with all the extra hazardous additives in cigarettes.

It's weird because I liked the smell of cigarettes before I had ever smoked one or was close to anyone that smoked. Tbh cigarette smoke smell isn't worn the same by everyone. Sometimes when I smell someone who has just smoked I think it smells awesome.

But other people tend to smell more putrid I think because they chainsmoke indoors in a small space constantly near stale cigarettes. Or it just clashes with their natural scent. I feel like I detect a lot of variation between smokers, they don't all smell the same to me. I'm just very particular about smell I guess. I honestly think cigarettes smell so fucking good. I understand thinking the stale smell in someone's house or car, but if they're just doing it outside nbd. It's about one of the worst things you can do to your body.

Furthermore, secondhand smoke can affect the health of people around the smoker as well.

My mom was a full time smoker, smoked in the house and in the car constantly. I still have lung issues because of it. Started working at a drive through window and pretty much just loathe people that smoke while they go through.

For my sake, and that of those around them. One of my mother's friends never smoked, but was married for many years to smokers. She is on her second bout of lung cancer, and is probably going to die from it. I don't smoke and I don't think they smell that bad.

But my dad was a big smoker, so maybe I just got used to it growing up. I gave up smoking cigarettes ages ago but it's strange and good! I remember smoking being allowed in restaurants. Everyone used to smoke. I seem to have noticed more women smoking.

I had a couple of them flirt with me the other day but I just wasn't feeling it precisely because of the smoking. She came over and sat at my table in a barand tried talking to me.

I started to talk to her, but then she pulled out a pack and went outside, and I basically ignored her when she came back, not rudely, just nods and grins, and back to watching the band. After a few failed attempts to regain my attention, she asked my friend if we were gay.

I've stopped mid-conversation and walked away from girls when I saw the pack in their purse. Long term dating?

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I'd ask her to stop, if she wasn't up for giving it up then I'd leave. I hate the musky smell and the taste whenever you kiss someone who smokes. Not to mention the smell that lingers in your house. Never date someone with the intention of changing something about them There is no intention to change them at first. But if it's apparent that I'll be with them for the long run, then they gotta at least make an effort to be healthier.

Nothing is worse than watching someone you love kill themselves slowing. If they want to carry on that's fine, but I won't be able to stand by and watch it, so I'll leave. I don't smoke, and have never smoked, and I wouldn't care. I don't really mind the smell much at all, smoke breaks sound like a good excuse to go outside and chill, I don't have enough money that she'd sponge for packs, and I don't really plan on living too long anyway.

And if my current girlfriend started smoking, I would tell her that is a dealbreaker for me and leave it up to her if she wants to continue. I cannot stand the smell. My mom still smokes every day. It's a horrible habit and sometimes smokers do not realize how selfish they can be to smoke. I prefer not to date a smoker, but if you're in the dating game for too long you may find that your standards may vary For me a lot of the time I would use it as a crutch while stressed out, it would have a noticeable calming affect and I would feel "happier".

It also pairs well and enhances your high when combined with it her drugs like alcohol. That being said it's a horrible habit.

I just wanted to point out there is a physical noticable high. I'd prefer not, but I wouldn't call it a dealbreaker. I smoke cigars every once in a while, so my stance on tobacco is not as harsh as it used to be. I smoke the occasional cigar as well, but I won't date a cigarette smoker. Smelling like a cigar once a month or so isn't the same thing as smelling and tasting like cigarettes every day all day.

I can tolerate an "occasion smoker" girlfriend. For me the biggest dealbreaking with a real smoker is that I don't want to share my life with an addict. I'd consider it a downside if a girl smokes occasionally at a party or whatever, but not a dealbreaker. I could see that. I see smoking kind of like drinking. Every once in a while is fine. Everyday is a problem. Yeah, I make a pack last about a month, only at nights or events.

It's an indulgence I budget for myself. Cigars smell way better than ciggarettes though I can't handle being around cigarettes but cigars are tolerable. I'd way rather kiss someone who just smoked a couple cigarettes than someone who just smoked a cigar. I couldn't; it would be a big deal for me and I've always felt that way. I mean, it's their choice and I wouldn't tell someone to stop, but no I really don't like spending time around people who smoke and when I was younger I lost a relative who smoked and drank a lot to throat cancer so I'm really not a fan.

Plus I struggle with the stink and the smoke aggravates my breathing terribly. Smokers get blinded to the smell, but it clings to people who smoke and if you smoke a lot it can be really foul, in some cases it's been strong enough to make me retch. I actually like kissing them afterwards. I don't smoke.

My girlfriend does. I love her so much, I don't care at all if her kisses taste like cigarettes. They're still the sweetest kisses I've ever known. Yeah easily. Long story short I smoked cigs for 6 months after she dumped me and now girls who smoke cigs turn me on lmao. As a women who smokes. None of you have to worry most smokers don't want to date non-smokers. When I was single I never pursued men who didn't smoke if a non-smoker was interested in me I was skeptical and never really let my guard down around them.

We are aware it's a bad habit but everyone has their vices and we don't want to be belittled constantly. Would you date me if I used to smoke but no longer do?

Or if I just smoke a cigarette once every few months for specific occasions? I'm not saying I wouldn't date non-smokers. I definitely did I just didn't actively pursue them but if they pursued me I didn't shut them down I just had to make sure they really didn't hold some resentment because I smoked. If they were totally fine that I smoked and didn't treat me like I was lesser than them then it was fine. It was just sort of an extra step I had to take before I could open up to them that just wasn't there with other smokers.

Yeeeep, as a dude who smokes, I'll avoid non-smokers. I enjoy smoking, I am well aware of the dangers, and I will quit at my pace. Preaching really doesn't help, and in fact makes me want to smoke twice as much out of spite.

It's going to save smokers a lot of strife and providers a lot of wasted breath. Being "ready" helped me quit. That and setting a quit date way way in advance so I didn't have to worry about it for several months.

Feb 19, I know that cigarettes are behind many of the estimated , dating bandwagon, and I'm still inexplicably attracted to cigarette smokers.

I never smoked much though and I started as an adult, so I guess I had an advantage to begin with. I also find talking to other smokers is easier because when you both go out for a smoke together it's kind of an automatic ice breaker.

Conversation flows easier when your having a smoke with someone. Just something I've always noticed. I would date non-smokers tbh as long as they're not judgmental like most of the non-smoker redditors who are so freaking delusional. But I have to say that, on average, smokers are better to keep around if you're a smoker yourself because of the social aspects of smoking, similar to how, on average, people who drink are more fun to go out with if you like to have a drink or two yourself.

We are aware it's a bad habit but everyone has there vices and we don't want to be belittled constantly. I'm not sure why but many redditors think that we smoke only to reduce our lifespan. Just the other day there was a post with someone holding their cigarette out of the car window with a sticker saying "Fuck cancer" on the car. Instantly reddit pulled out their pitchfork saying smokers cannot be against cancer.

That's how many redditors think and it's disgusting. Often they act as if they were "woke af" but in reality they cannot objectively discuss on topics. I've said just this in my other replies it's not about smoking or not smoking it's about the way you treat me. If you are going to look down your nose at me for smoking then I'm not interested, I'm not going to change because someone won't date me.

It's also very true that smokers have an easier time getting to know other smokers. It's an instant ice breaker. My current SO and I got to know each other on our smoke breaks at work conversation is just easier, matter of fact the first time he asked me out we were having a smoke!

But ya people who have never smoked don't understand why we start or why we don't just quit I'm used to it. It's not just reddit it's every where but it's fine I don't care to make people understand I just want to me left alone about my bad habit ya know. I used to smoke. And I liked it at the time, and my husband was a non smoker who dated then married me.

Jul 17, If you're still puffing, you might be draining your dating pool without realizing it. A survey conducted by Halo Cigs, an e-cigarette and vape kit. Aug 18, I was 7 years old the first time I visited New York City. I don't remember seeing the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. I don't even. We asked Americans how they felt about cigarettes when it came to their We asked them about their feelings toward dating cigarette smokers, which types .

Even when I smoked I knew how bad it was for me and that I would eventually quit. Do you feel that way? Both my SO and I know we are going to quit soon. I know how bad it is for me but that's not what bothers me most, the main reason I want to quit is the money. When I think about how much money I've basically lit on fire I absolutely cringe. We want to buy a house once we finish school so we would rather put our money towards that.

I was a smoker for almost 20 years and quit about 7 months ago for good. I remember being pretty pissed off about a woman who wouldn't date me purely because I smoked. I mean, I knew whybut it bothered me. Now it totally makes sense. The bad breath, the constant stink on my clothes, smelly fingers.

It's just gross. I still miss it so much though. Yeah, since I grew up around smokers. The smell is more soothing than nasty, despite the health risks, but at least I know I can smoke my weed without anyone bitching about the smoke. Smell is disgusting. If she smoked very little maybe but if she smokes flat out, nah fuck that. They always stink, kissing them tastes terrible, and they need to go outside to smoke all the time.

Smoking is cramping your dating style: Survey

I've gone out with girls that only smoked when drinking and it was still too much for me. I have a hard time being friends with smokers for the same reasons. I know I do things that are unhealthy for me, but smoking seems so much worse than that. What sort of person starts smoking when everyone knows how terrible it is? It's not cool and never has been. Nope, I can't even stand being friends with smokers because of the smell and how much it hurts my lungs being around them. I've lost all but one friend that smokes, and it's only because I see him once ever other month.

I just can't be around them. Can't be in their house, can't be in their car, can't be in the backyard. I don't want them in my house, or my car, or my backyard. When I meet new people, and they pull out a pack, well, so much for that, and stop talking to them with any interest.

What's the point of befriending someone I can't hang out with? I don't think so. I don't smoke, and second hand smoke is very unhealthy for you. Even if it wasn't unhealthy, the smell of second hand smoke is very off putting.

I used to think it was a dealbreaker, but my last girlfriend smoked occasionally, usually after drinking. She did a really really good job of getting the smell off.

I don't think it's common and it wouldn't work for me if I could smell it on her or taste it on her. It honestly shocks me to hear any majority of people saying they don't smoke. Then again, I'm fairly poor and in the south so pretty much everyone around me smokes. Yeah I could.

I smoke on and off myself so I don't have a problem with it, I'd encourage her to quit with me though. Though I have to say I kinda like smoking, it's just bad for you. I'm a smoker so as long as the smell or taste is not offensive, I'm fine with it. Actually I even like it if she smokes my favourite brand of cigarettes. Ikr, I remember a friend of mine always faked coughed when he was around me and I smoke like twice a week.

It was incredibly obnoxious and this thread reminds me of it. Depends on how much she smokes.

Dating someone that smokes cigarettes. I knew someone who smokes i ask him not aimed at cigarette butt on a woman. Non smokers in to quit smoking. Sep 20, New infographics show how cigarette smokers are socially penalized In terms of dating, 80 percent of nonsmokers find the habit a turnoff. Jan 22, The top concerns about dating a smoker were the smokers' long-term health (78 percent), the smell of cigarettes on their person (75 percent) or.

I really hate the stench and don't want it around me or our apartment, car, etc. Yea, I'm a smoker so it's a win. It's horrifically unhealthy, I won't deny it, but here we are. Imo, it's dumb how many people act like it's this objectively disgusting thing that nobody could legitimately enjoy. Humans have a rich history of smoking and in the moment, ignoring the long term effects, it's an enjoyable experience.

I can't stand how some people refuse to acknowledge that viewpoint on it. No, because I would constantly be reminded of the fact that cigarettes killed both of my parents when I was 28 years old, and if my partner smoked there are good odds I'd end up burying her before I got old as well. I used to be a smoker, and I've been clean for about years. If I were dating a smoker, I would be afraid that I would slip back into my old habits. I was so happy when I quit because I stopped feeling like ass all the time.

So, I don't want to date a smoker simply because I don't want to be tempted back into my old bad ways. I feel like non smokers forget just how addictive smoking really is. Nicotine addiction is horrible and robs you of your ability to perceive how bad it really is.

Today is day 15 of no smoking for me, and looking back I shudder at how addicted I was to smoking and how I would prioritize it above everything else. I would argue that non smokers know just how addictive it really is, and is the reason they never started. I think that the people that underestimate how addictive nicotine is are the ones that start smoking or are already smokers and haven't tried to quit yet. The reason that a lot of people don't like cigarette smokers is that it's hard to like someone that's currently addicted to anything.

It's hard to build a relationship with someone while you watch them slowly commit suicide, especially if they have no intention of quitting.

It's difficult to want to spend time with someone that would rather feed their addiction than spend time with you. It's hard to like drug addicts, alcoholics, cigarette smokers, gambling addicts, etc.

Addiction is horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but it hurts those around the addict just as much as it hurts the addict. It's something I'm at least slightly hypocritical about. I smoke spliffs sometimes, which involves tobacco, generally from a cigarette.

But, I wouldn't date someone that smokes cigarettes as a habit. It's not a huge deal for me. I've stopped caring about superficial stuff almost entirely at this point and am just looking for someone who is reasonably healthy and is as interested in me as I am in them. Plus, there's smoking and then there's smoking - a few tabs when on the piss is a very different prospect to someone chaining 40 a day. I used to smoke myself for 9 years before I quit, half my friends are smokers.

I'm used to the smell, it doesn't bother me. So no it's not a big deal for me. Depends on frequency. I've mostly moved onto vaping, but I enjoy a cigarette when I'm drinking, and occasionally with my morning coffee.

Dec 27, You'll find out soon enough if you're really dating a smoker, but here are Cigarettes can be bad for your health and smell terrible, but at least. Nov 13, You often wait patiently for them to finish a cigarette just so you can go in You are fluent in cigarette-in-their-mouth-while-they-talk language. Apr 30, No second date, and now would I consider dating someone who smokes, as they are ignoring Clear evidence that the shit is bad for you.

Now, chain-smoking is a different story. Depends on how much. I think women that smoke are sexy, but I wouldn't be near them if not necessary. How I am going to initiate or start a relationship with someone who I don't even want to stand next to? I'm not a smoker, but god damn do I love women who smoke. No idea why, since it seems like most non-smoking guys on this thread hate it.

Holy shit it turns me on so fucking hard. The smell, the way they lift it up to their lips so casually, and the way their lips part to exhale. It's the hottest thing and I will work harder to please a smoker.

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Cigarettes and dating

AskMen comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. I grew up in a Los Angeles suburb, and no one smoked. No one on the street did. Then I went to a small liberal arts school 90 miles north of New York City. The college was filled with queers, art history majors and brooding, pretentious intellectuals. Needless to say, everyone I met smoked.

19 Things That Happen When You Date A Smoker

If you were extra misunderstood as an artist, you rolled your own cigarettes. It smelled gross. And in the middle of winter, you have to leave your warm bed to smoke outside in the snow. Trust me, I know. I was completely against dating cigarette smokers. I hated making out with people who tasted like an ashtray. After college, by some weird fate of chance, I ended up working at a smoking cessation clinic as a researcher, coordinator and counselor.

I spent my days talking to folks of all ages who wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. I heard their stories. Their struggles. How desperately they wanted to quit, but all the setbacks that got in the way.

I remember being called when one of my patients someone I had grown quite fond of died because she smoked with her oxygen tank still on. It was something I warned her repeatedly not to do, but she must have forgotten in her old age. It blew up in her face. They wanted to decrease their stress.

In fact, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender folks smoke cigarettes at alarming rates.

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