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Are daryl and michonne dating in real life . JEANSDA Jeans ??????

The Walking Dead 9x09 Daryl Finds Whisperers Season 9 Episode 9 "Adaptation" [HD]

I know a lot of people want to see Daryl in a romantic relationship with Carol, however, I think it would kind of ruin the dynamic. I think it's too predictable. I would love to see Daryl and Michonne form some kind of a strong relationship. They're both kind of epic and hardcore, the strong, silent, brooding type. Him and Michonne would be nice, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen.

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No, Thanks. Nein, danke. Non, merci. Bob and Sasha are now a ship.

Daryl Dixon has such good chemistry with his "Walking Dead" cohorts that we basically ship him with everyone, including himself. I would love to see Daryl and Michonne form some kind of a strong looks before, from my husband, when we first began dating. i will eat. Since noticing the 'X' scar on Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), fans have been patiently waiting to find out why they have.

Best pair though is Maggie and Glenn. Even though I want to believe that Daryl and Beth get together, I wouldn't imagine it now. I'm sure a lot of people think the same.

As for the love interest for Daryl I don't think DarylxBeth will happen, mainly due to the age gap between them. I did think briefly it might in last week's episode while they were drinking together, but no I don't think it will. I think it's more likely Daryl will become a sort of older brother figure to her, sort of taking Hershel's place as an "older male relative" who she looks up to. As for Michonne, I'm really not sure. MichonnexDaryl seems the obvious choice since they are both natural born survivors.

But then Michonne has been seen getting close to Carl in a potential mother figure way, and in noticing this Rick may become attracted to her. There could even be a love triangle story-arc, although after Lori's dilemma with Shane and Rick I could do with or without that to be honest.

I think they are setting up Carol for Rick. She will take over comic Andrea's role. Actually she is already starting to, in the comics, Andrea is the one who adopted Billy and Ben; Lizzy and Mika's comic counterparts.

Bobbobin wrote: I think they are setting up Carol for Rick. Beth and Daryl are obiviously attracted to each other and they know it. I don't think Michonne looks at Daryl like "Omfg I want him, why can't we love each other?!?! I think she looks at him more like "what a capatable partner, with eaqual strengths, to keep around for my survival, and the others.

He is a cool friend. Besides I never saw any flirting between the two throughout the series like Beth and Daryl have in this one and they certantly aren't going to start now. I just think Beth and Daryl make a great couple, and there isn't really much of a setup between Daryl or any other character Besides Carol.

Are daryl and michonne dating in real life

And peole are talking about the age gap between them? If you look at the first season, Daryl looks pretty young and well around his early to late 20's. She may not kick ass like Michonne or beat down zombies like Andrea, but she has her fathers traits of pursuading people into a differnt light exp. And thats why I like her with Daryl. It's the sterotypical good girl with the bad boy concept, I love it!

From what I'm seeing Daryl just wants to make sure she's safe, and don't mention holding hands. People can do that as a way to seek comfort. When they were eating the sneak he did not raised his eyes to see her leaving.

Pretty natural and prozaic gesture of any hetero man. It's not that hard to run up to side of a tank, pull the pin, and lob it down the main gun. However, it's totally badass.

True badassery is when it's entirely possible and awesome to watch. I read the comics long before the show and daryl is my favorite character from the show and Carl from the comics. Maybe it has something to do with them surviving headshots? Nawww, that's actually just a coincidence, they're two tough sons of bitches. Only if he's with Rick.

They have the best bromance ever. Or with carol. I can't fucking decide! From what I'm getting now, Daryl and Michonne as a couple are entirely out of the picture at the moment. I honestly can't take them seriously. If they do form something in the future, I really don't hope it's like their joking sessions. Daryl and Beth excluding age I like because there is a great balance of seriousness and playfulness.

Daryl shows an odd affection towards her that he hasn't truly done with anybody else. I feel like she's the first person he can actually open up to. That being said, I do think at the moment, Beth would be the best match for Daryl. I liked the idea of Daryl and Carol as a couple initially, and I still do. I'd probably say it's the single otp I've picked from TWD. A lot of season two sections between them made me feel very happy inside, and the cherokee rose moment between them positively melted me, even after watching the episode a few times.

I'm reminded a lot of some couples I know when I look at them or watch their interactions. I hope they manage to find one another at some point, I miss seeing the two together, however brief the moments are.

Daryl and Michonne would probably be my second choice in terms of shipping. I adore Michonne with a passion, and Daryl is probably vying for second or third in terms of my personal favourite characters.

There are some quite nice moments between the two, albeit probably more meant in a friendly manner than flirty. That said, I do think this would be something more for the sake of pairing the popular characters up.

Michonne is awesome in her own right and really doesn't need the added annoyance of shipping wars.

Walking Dead’s Daryl and Beth Dating in Real Life

Daryl and Beth just puts a bad taste in my mouth. I've been getting weird vibes off of Beth for a while now, and frankly I don't enjoy her any time she's on-screen. There's enough of an age gap between them that he could well pass for her father, which also creeps me out a fair bit. Daryl and Carol. Sorry but they need to have something at least. They have this connection and even if they don't see eachother like that I just feel like they should be together all the time romantically or not.

They have this bond and it's too strong for him to just go with somebody else. They care for each other a lot and they would just be so great together! Daryl deserves some love! Michonne and Daryl Possibly but I mean she seems more into Carl than Daryl! And they don't really have a connection like Carol and Daryl do.

Carol and Tyreese look like they could have been a couple but now that he knows she killed his girl friend im not so sure anymore. I think Daryl's definitely gay. I have a hard time reading any of his development any other way. I'm hoping all rumors of a romance for him turn out to be him coming out in some way.

The validity for a queer reading of Daryl has been there since S2 and I think would be awesome and amazing. Like way to destroy stereotypes while embracing this character- plus Norman Reedus always said that Daryl wasn't going to love who you expect. I don't think he's gay. And Beth is was an unecpectable love intrest during season 4.

Mabey he's just like, not intrested, or has a hard time loving somone since he had such a rough past you know? Why don't you think he's gay? There's no reason in the show to think he's straight. I'm hoping he is gay, that'd be infinitely better than pairing him off with a juvenile.

I don't think he's gay because he's showed intrest in women plenty of times, and yeah Beth's a little to young for him which is why I don't think that'll work out, I just think he's has a hard time "loving" something or anything becaue he's had such a hard past with his brother.

And plus I asked my best friend who is gay if he found Daryl Gay, and he said "Oh hell no, he's straight as hell" he also said his 'Broship' with Rick is the closest thing we'll see Daryl getting in a relationship with another man. Actually, he's one of only two characters I can think of who expressly has never shown an explicit interest in women. He's never mentioned a past relationship with a woman, he's never made sexual overtures towards a woman or kissed a woman, or had a connection to any in his past.

He's directly rejected advances Carol made, brushing them off as a joke which they were but still- after this long you would have thought he'd make a move towards someone if he had any interest in them. Then we're shown him having a close connection with Michonne in the beginning of S4 with no sexual interest. Naw, man, I think all of his connections with female characters can be viewed as familial, because I don't see anything in any of those interactions to imply that they were sexual or romantic.

Everything that you view as him showing interest in women can also be read as completely platonic if you take a step back.

I really hope the show goes that route with him because it would be an awesome way to develop his character and fit with his storyline so well. He doesn't really want to anyways, because he knows he'll loose that persone someday and doesn't want to deal with it. Edwin and his family,Morgan and Duane and for short period of time, Maggie and Glenn.

It's too hard to for anyone deal with in the world of TWD. Don't take me wrong I do find Rick and Daryl's relationship a little gay but what pair of "Bro's" aren't a little gay with each other? I also think Beth doesnt return the feelings.

Like everyone thinks Daryl is hot, even I do no homo. Beth might think daryl is handsome, but not someone she would love. Though we havent seen much of them together we never know. The only problem is that Beth is going through alot.

Her dad just died and she was kidnapped if the group ever finds her aliveso we dont know if Beth and Daryl will happen.

I do not support Beth and Daryl, but I will accept it. They tell her about Daryls death and it ended up she was in love with him too. Then Rick is like thats disturbing, maggie and glenn are comforting her, Michonne is acting like Michonne, Sasha is like "crazy white girls", and Carl is like "oh Richonne love.

The Walking Romance. Come on lets throw in some Barl Carl and Beth. Well I hope for atleast Richonne, Basha, and Barl. Oh my lord this is long. I seriously don't understand how people can think it's more likely Daryl is straight than gay based off of nonverbal looks when he's been rejecting advances by female characters since S1 and he's had looks just as meaningful at male characters.

The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Michonne exit CONFIRMED as new His character, Daryl Dixon, has been around since the very first. Norman Reedus and Danai Gurira as Daryl and Michonne on The The actor, who sources revealed exclusively to Us Weekly is dating. Michonne and Daryl are two of the main survivors left on "The Walking Dead," for now. Michonne watches over Alexandria with Rick gone.

I'm not talking about him hooking up with a particular male character, I'm talking about him being gay as a character trait. It ties in with his entire development, from Merle's attacks on him being based on his sexuality and gender presentation, to the way that he bonds more immediately and more effectively with male characters; to the way he seeks out male characters for physical touch.

Everything that he did with Beth was markedly "little kid" stuff-- piggy back rides and eating food with his fingers and getting wasted- it's all incredibly juvenile, and most of Beth's dialogue in these scenes served the sole point of highlighting that she is herself a kid. What happened with Beth was he thought she was the only person he had left and he focused all his entire being on making her happy and keeping her safe, which I think he would have done too with Maggie or Carol or Glenn or whoever he got isolated with, regardless of sexuality.

There's nothing in their dialogue to imply a romance and if you're basing it off of looks, I can think of a million looks he gave to other characters that were just as intense. Man though, I don't actually care if people don't think Daryl's gay, everyone's entitled to their opinion, but when he HAS no stated sexuality and he's actively rejected advances by female characters, it really annoys me that people say that there's no way it's a possibility or that people are stretching to think of it.

You're completely erasing a valid reading and you're digging into his abusive past and subtext to find reasons why he ISN'T gay instead of looking at the surface reasons why he could be. I've written a word essay on Daryl's sexuality based on like, the entirety of the show's development; it's not like I haven't thought of all these things. There's a reason why people think Daryl is queer and it's not wishful thinking, it's textual.

It's at the very least just as if not more likely than him being straight given what we know of his character and the fact that his sexuality has never been stated or shown in any way whatsoever. I don't think thinking he's gay is making as big of a supposition as thinking he's straight is, because to think he's straight I'd have to actually ignore years worth of development and the way he interacts with male vs.

But given that I am, in fact, queer, I'm used to seeing the possibility that gay people exist and don't have to be a particular way about showing it, and I guess a lot of straight people aren't. I don't mean to be brusque but the outright denial of the likelihood of Daryl being gay gets to me, especially when people think it's more likely that he's an ephebophile than a homosexual.

Y'all need to think about that hard. I'ma add my 2 cents here. I really don't think he's gay. If he was, there'd be more evidence. I strongly believe he's asexual, and see's everything else as being more important than sex. His relationship with Beth, that was as close as he would ever get to someone. Do you guys remember that awesome tv show, "boy meets world"? Cory and Shawn the two main characters have an extremely close friendship to the pointS where even their own parents and girlfriends think they're gay from time to time!

I don't see why Rick and Daryl can't have a total "almost gay" friendship. Admit it. It would be the awesomeness thing in TWD history if Daryl was gay. Like Seriously look at the facts. He was always closer with women. Daryl seemed to be a loner which many secretly gay people do.

He would constantly comfort them though. Look at the facts. I thinkhe just stated why he belives Daryl is gay, and I wouldn't mind it either, acctually I would love it.

But the way he is dissctripted in the series I belive he isn't. I just guess Tara will do for now. I am a history teacher. Not a guidance counselor or social skills teacher. I teach history. I don't teach kids how to tell if someone is gay.

I was never good at that. My brother is gay and I didn't know until he got married to another guy. Why can't he be asexual? Daryl doesn't need a love interest whether people think he's an interesting character by himself or not.

He doesn't have to be straight, he doesn't have to be gay. Honestly I feel Daryl and Carol and I've surported this pairing since season two when their relationship started to develope, that moment when Daryl walks in the RV and places that Cherokee Rose on the table and even before hand when he tries to comfort Carol when she spots the walker blood on his pants. Carol changed Daryl and sorta guided him while he did the same for Carol plus she is one of the only people that can make the guy smile or even laugh!

I like the possibilty of Daryl and Michonne, Michonne is a strong willed woman but she's more like Daryl's rival, I could picture them having a competition on who can kill the most walkers or somthin. I think Rick should be with Michonne they would be so good together and it kinda shows in A when she says that she knows Ricks okay because she's okay. Now for people who say that Beth and Daryl is gross because of the age difference should take into account that people should be able to fall in love with whoever they want regardless of age, race or gender difference as long as there is true love there.

But I personaly stear away from this pairing not because of my Caryl favorisim but because I think Beth sees Daryl more of a big brother figure. That has to be the most ignorant statement I've ever read.

How does someone thinking about another's sexuality make them that same sexuality? FanofWiki, honestly I don't even wanna know what you meant in the statement but it's just ignorant and honestly somewhat offending. And not realize that fans of that person will defend him. Besides Beth doesn't really have any ass so there isn't much to look at anyways. Yeah well Beth does have Wait people actually think daryl is gay? Daryl is gay!!!! He isn't an item with either, he protects Carol like a sister and Michone is someone with a similar mindset to him.

Just because someone has a rough past and isn't open to people, and doesn't date any of his female friends does in no way mean he's gay. If Daryl and Carol were going to get together, they would be together by now. She's been practically throwing her panties at him for years now.

He's just not into her. Personally, I think Daryl and Michonne would be great together. There were lots of hints that they had some sort of relationshp before the prison fell. Daryl pushed Michonne really hard about giving up her search for the Governor which seemed to go beyond 'concerned pal'. Michonne was pretty flirty with Daryl on several occasions and he didn't duck and run for cover, like he does with Carol.

In fact, it appeared that he liked it. Did he want to be somewhere that reminded him of her and is that the reason he was so mean to Beth? Because she wasn't Michonne. But Rick just tore a man's throat out with his teeth; he's probably not in the mood for love.

I think it would be cool to watch the two badasses fall in love. And given Daryl's past, it would be intriguing to see him falling for a Black woman who knows all about that past. Totally agree! I think both of them are pure souls, that's why they're perfect for each other. If you truely know Daryl's character, you'll understand even with a tough guy's shell on the outside, a part of him is always a sensitive, pure and innocent boy on the inside.

He's honest and loyal and caring, he has so many good qualities that's surprisingly rare to see on others. Beth is the only character in my opinion to share the similar qualities, they are the same kind of person, the pair makes most sense to me. I can't stand those Carol shippers still being delusional and in denial Tara marries Carl, Michonne goes together with Abraham, Rosita falls in love with Glenn, Maggie divorces from Glenn and goes together with Bob, Rick is having some manly love with Tyreese, Sasha is going together with Eugene and Daryl gets killed by Carol because he spent too much time looking at flowers.

I will now awkwardly dance out of here. I'm no longer supporting any walking dead relationships. I must now do other things. I don't think Daryl should get romantically involved with anyone. Part of his appeal as a character imo is his loner nature. And unlike most people it seems, I never got any sort of romantic vibe from him and Carol either. I sensed a bond or connection of some sort, but not particuarly a romantic one.

Daryl and michonne dating

It's strikes me as odd that there are people to believe in a potential romance between Daryl and Michonne or Daryl and another guy. Makes me wonder if we watched the same show. First there are hints of a future romance between Mich and Rick in season 3 because Lori has the tendancy to appear in Rick's mind whenever Mich is around. Or could it be that the two actors are hot for each other and it shows on screen?

As for Daryl being gay, I would say, just because you're a homo doesn't mean all characters you like have to be like you. Or are you 'queer' people saying that you can't like a character who isn't gay? Because if it is then I'm sorry for you Btw, I like Tara, whether she's gay or not. Considering Daryl lost his mom at a very very young age and that she was neglecting when she was alive, that his father beat him up violently and his brother was never there, it is no wonder he turned out so distant towards others when it comes to feelings.

I miss the Daryl of seasons 1 and 2 with his crude rudeness. You didn't know if his reddish face came from overexposure to sun or too many bottles of wine. I liked that about him. Maybe the actor wanted his hair like that, I don't know, but it's a laughing subject among me and my pals lol.

By sissy boy I meant that over time he looses that rudeness and erratic behaviour I was talking about, and aquires a more say stylish attitude. Now he's just wearing badboy clothes. I do think that we get to see the real him in season 4, it's just that the actor shifts his manners a bit too much. He could be more relaxed but still crude because he's been "educated" that way. In chupqcabra we see Daryl struggling whilst impaled and having his flashback Merle spur him on, only to be shot "in the head" grazed I will admit pretty fishy.

But Daryl came from the typical backwoods situation, abusive parents, lord only knows if he was sexually abused, by his family. Forced to raise himself and go with his junkie brother drifting from place to place working odd jobs and scams to get a fix.

I can see the points of him being a mascot for the series but so are michonne and rick. They are the big 3 characters and they all have the most tragic development accompanying Maggie and Beth now. But the point is, hate Daryl if you want to.

But don't claim he has no development because y'all can't read between the lines and see his development. Michonne lost her lover and son, rick lost his wife, Daryl had nothing until his apocalypse family and losing them would be the death of him.

Men like Daryl don't form attachment because they never knew what love is. So it would take a lot of work for anyone to get close. Also in A we see him get his ass kicked before rick tears joes jugular, not fighting off the entire group but very really having the life beat out of him.

Daryl is asexual, which means he doesn't have any interest in starting a relationship. Believe it or not, people like this exist!

Just as many fans were hoping for a Daryl and Beth romance to blossom, but it seemed that Next: Michonne to Star in Video Game Series. The kiss that goes down between Daryl Dixon and Michonne in the video. Yes, you read that right. Daryl + Michonne = K-I-S-S-I-N-G. OK, so. The Walking Dead’s Michonne and Daryl Dixon have somehow ended up with two ‘X’ scars on their backs during the course of the six year time jump, and naturally questions of who, what, where and why are beckoning. During episode six of season nine, titled Who Are You Now, which.

Okay no offence, but the two haven't really had one on one screentime. They're friends because hunting the Govenor between seasons 3 and 4 brought them closer Michonne wants him dead because of Andrea, Daryl for Merle but other than that Or, um, he was depressed that he just lost his family and he wasn't really thinking about getting it on with anyone at the moment?

He was grieving? I dunno, it's a stretch but I'm gonna have to go with Carol. They've been hinting since Season 2 and I think it needs to happen sooner or later. For Michonne, I'd rather prefer her and Rick.

Guys, I think that maybe he just is more focused on survival than he is focused on romance. He understands that romance should come last, and he should focus on surviving first. Daryl and Carol all the way! Beth is a useless whining bitch and Michonne will probably end up with Rick, which is pretty cool, so yeah, Caryl all the way. Still, I can totally see him hooking up a little more with Carol, I loved the kind of relationship they had in the previous season Michonne is the same way which makes these characters so much better; if rick never had carl his character would be a beast even more then now.

Dale, Shane, Axel, Andrea, The Governor, zach and Karen all died and were sprung off someones nuts, id tay clear of relationships if i were on the show, unless i were glenn or maggie since they seem to get a free pas. Gonna point out that he could be asexual, bisexual or pansexual too. Not just the possibility of him being gay. I can't see Daryl and Michonne for one reason. They're both two isolated, they both are kinda like lone wolves and I think it's true when they say oppposites attract.

Being too similar just doesn't work very well. I think none of them. I just can't see Daryl with anyone, especially now. I like him being the "lone wolf". I ship Daryl with his crossbow. Or Daryl x Daryl. I think Daryl shouldn't be with anyone but if I had to decide, I would say he should go for Carol because they actually like each other.

Well, at least I know Daryl likes Carol. But Daryl and Michonne don't really seem to love each other. I hate daryl, yeah hes cool but way tooo overhyped. Notce how all Daryl cenctric episodes are awful. How is he worthless? Hes done the second most in keeping the group alive right next to rick.

Is it because he is not in the comics? No one wants a bottled episode. Their pointless. He only kept the group to think that Sophia is alive Yeah and teamed up with The Claimers You know that would be impossible, right?

Even if a crossbow could shoot larger projectiles, but definetely not a katana. Look it up. It's bent. Now way it would be able to fly straight. Plus, katanas are made to do clean, quick slices, not pierce. Plus, no matter how useless he is now, a horde of fans will tear the producers apart and devour their flesh if Daryl dies. We all just have to embrace that Daryl has a longer lifespan than Rick himself.

Carol seems to be the mother Beth may of been the sister and Michonne seems to be a friend. Carol sorta hinted at him being homosexual when she gave him the bed with the pink sheets claiming "it suited him better" although that could also be a sign he had fallen in love with Beth or some of the other psychological meanings of pink speaking about his character. Daryl is a badass redneck grungey dude so people assume he can only be straight.

Erik is more the steryotype of homosexuals flamboyant girly and devoted to Aaron while Aaron is more the middle ground where maybe he is maybe he isn't and you don't know it until he's showing his love to Erik but if Daryl ends up being gay its going to blow people away cause it'll create a wormhole in the fabric of there "normal".

It is confirmed that Daryl is straight and has asexual qualiies. Darron shippers just ship them out of fetishistic reasons. Aaron and Eric have a beautiful relationship that is rare in tv today. Wanting a character to die over a ship is just wrong. The people above me are stereotyping and shaming Eric and saying he is flamboyant wait to Eric should be dumped because of that?


He is awesome and badass. You would see that if you want stop fingering your vagina to guy on guy fanfics to see that Eric isn't what you tried to describe him as.

Saying he should leave Eric and their beautiful relationship for something cheap is so lame. That cheapens the fact that gay men can be in loving and committed relationship. That also feeds into the stereotypes on what gay relationships should or shouldn't be Or that a gay man can't be friends with a straight man. It is confirmed Daryl is straight but has asexual qualities. Do you think gay men are out just to nail every man they meet?

Do you think they can't be friends that just because Aaron asked him to help recruit that means lhe likes him? Bullshit plus Eric and Aaron chose Daryl to scout. You're acting like Aaron went after him like it liked him in that way which goes with what I said before about you all thinking gay men can't be friends with straight men and that you think gay men want every man they see.

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