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The first six months of a relationship could be considered the most crucial time. This is when you find out if you two really get along, if you like each other more than you simply like being able to say that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and if you're compatible in the long run. For many couples, while their relationship is still fun and enjoyable after they pass the six-month mark, this is when it's time to think seriously about whether this is going somewhere. While a break-up is never something that someone wants to go through, it's easier to realize now that you're not right for each other or at least it's easier than dating for five years and then splitting up. It's nice to know that you have found the person that you're going to spend the rest of your life with. There are some ways to tell within the first six months of your relationship if your love story will have an amazing ending

Our families have been our support and our children are our strength. Yes, you will. And yes, we have. There will always be little reminders, things that give you brief moments of sadness, but with time wounds heal and it does get easier.

The best advice I can give you, honestly, is if you have the means and opportunity, bury the baby. We couldn't when we went thru it, and it's a decision that haunts us today.

At the time neither of us felt like we'd want that constant reminder either, but as time has passed we wish we had somewhere to visit them at. Unfortunately, due to the surgical procedure to remove our child as he was not passing naturally, it meant the hospital needed to perform processes with the remains.

We did consider it, but it was out of our control yesterday, and we probably weren't in the right space to be organised enough. Thank you for sharing something so hard though.

Dating 6 months and pregnant

It genuinely is helping us process it as I share your words with her right now. That must have been so difficult.

It is crazy how much stronger that bond grows every passing day and week of the pregnancy. I know we both had such a strong feeling of heartache, it must have been even worse at 18 weeks.

Started dating and found out we were having 1 that July 4 months after we started dating.

The first whisper reads, "I got pregnant after only 2 months of dating.. We are madly in 6. Just found out I'm pregnant. My boyfriend and I have only been dating. My now husband and I were dating 6 months when I got pregnant, we married when our son was 3 months old and now almost 5 years later we. Im 19 & my boyfriend of 7 months is I love him very much and he truly is my soul mate. We just happened to be blessed with a beautiful god.

Had baby 1, married just over a year after that. Married nearly 5 years, together nearly 6. Had some bumps along the way mostly people trying to meddle because they're arseholes but we're in a great place. Best and most rewarding relationship I've been in, same for my husband. Found out my seizure meds caused major birth defects and he was mentally unstable himself so I didn't keep either.

It was hard but it did teach me more about what meds I should take from then on. Mom got pregnant within a few months of meeting my Dad. Supposedly he asked her to marry him while he was inside her and she said yes. Had me about 5 months after they were married. Just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary and I have 3 other siblings 2 of which were adopted. Still happy all these years later.

So there we were, Steve Miller playing on the HiFi, a half drunk bottle of Wild Turkey shining in the moonlight and me, balls deep in your mom My dad proposed right after sex and my mom told him she was not going to remember this major moment with him naked.

She made him get dressed and down on one knee. They've been married 34 years. Not me but a relative of mine- she and her boyfriend of 4 months got pregnant. Their gorgeous daughter is 2, and they seem to have an incredibly loving and healthy relationship. The first two replies to this post are such stark contrasts to one another. I'd expect as much, but not right out of the gate like that. You can't compare the situations. Having this question and seeing the answers is going to be very interesting.

I knew them more than six months but we had only been together for 2 months, and are definitely not married and we werenot planning on having to see each other past occasional hookups and getting drunk. We didn't work out but, you know, it wasn't meant to and I went through an entire year of feeling heartbroken while simultaneously having a order of protection against him, which was an actual mind fuck.

I probably will be outed or doxxed on here, shit, he's probably even reading it right now. But I have found that this is just my life and I am living it and there is no good or bad, it just is. I'm so happy that I didn't follow through with my 'what ifs' even though I laid awake at night for years thinking, "what if I had done this? But now I figured out why. Oh, it was because I was meant to have my son and he was meant to be born.

Any step in an inch of another track wouldn't have led me here. Just something to think about. I'm the product of my parents only knowing each other for 5 months before they found out my mom was pregnant with me.

Shotgun wedding a month later had 4 more kids stayed married for 18 years divorced now for 10 and cant stand to speak to each other. They definitely should not have gotten married but cant imagine my life without my siblings. Even though I was on the pill, I found myself pregnant one month after meeting someone on a blind date.

My parents got married after 7 weeks, my grandparents after 5 weeks. Neither one was due to pregnancy though, and they're still together. They are definitely atypical of that kind of whirlwind romance. Sort of relevant: Orthodox jews usually go on a couple dates and figure out pretty quickly if they'll get married or not. I knew a woman who got engaged after four weeks to her husband.

They have more than 10 kids and as far as I know, they are both happy! Got together late October. Found out she was pregnant January 1st.

Have a 3 month old little perfect girl now as a part of our blended family with 4 kids total. Things are amazing though and I couldn't be happier.

Pregnant after 6 months of dating. best dating sites in toronto numerous mc that now is brill and we agreed that is our answer. Should be a datenight tag. Overall . happened when they decided to get married after six months (or less) of dating, and how it ended up I'm 24 now and pregnant with our first. You can be sure that things will continue in this great, happy direction when you' ve been dating someone for six months and you're either.

My parents got pregnant with me three months into dating married after 3. Had a friend of mine knock up some chick at a party at university.

She had to drop out, his classes suffered as he tried to work and complete his studies at the same time. They managed to marry after graduation, things were going great, he found a decent job and things were finally financially stable. Then they try for a second child. Apparently her idea.

She gets pregnant almost right away. They decide that two are enough, and he goes to the Doc to have his tubes tied. Sterile since birth. Month Starts dating girl, despite our warnings that she has a history of emotional and physical abuse towards her partners.

Month 0: Moved in with girl, despite our warnings that it was too soon and that they didnt' know each other well enough. Month 1: Finds out girl is pregnant, despite our warnings that she had been obsessing about wanting his child for a month. Despite ALL of us telling him to use protection. He believed her when she stated that she "wasn't ovulating" and therefore had "zero chance of getting pregnant".

Fucking idiot. Month 2: Flies with girl out of state to tell her parents, announces on social media. We all think he's actually going to step up.

Refuses contact with her when she is at highest suicide risk, with his unborn child still in 1st trimester. She's posting video on video on Facebook confused and sobbing. She's a barista, has multiple untreated mental health disorders, and is hopped up on pregnancy hormones. Month 6: She moves to live with her parents.

Tells him not to follow her, that she's fine with him living in the same state or even a city nearby, but not in the same city as her. Month 7: He states that he's intending on moving to the same city as her "because it's what's best for the baby".

He states that it's "too steep" and that he'll "buy her some diapers instead" She has also started dating someone. My friends and I have started taking bets on where this dude is going to be when baby is born. Month 8: She and new guy are engaged. Baby-daddy asks to speak with fiance. Instead of assessing what kind of person will be rearing his child, he chooses this moment to try to "warn him" about how dangerous she is.

She's not. This is the most stable any of her friends have ever seen her be. Month 9: Baby is born and is most definitely his. Since she and new-guy are married, by state law, new-guy assumes paternity rights if he signs the birth certificate which he does.

Baby-daddy is on a "soul-searching" road-trip giving bogus life advice to his Insta followers. Fast-forward to today: Baby-daddy has still not acknowledged the birth of his child. The kid is 11 weeks old. He claims not to understand why all of his friends bailed on him, even though we have laid it out plainly and explicitly for him. Why is it that in my mind I read this like Joe Friday from Dragnet giving the narrative of an investigation?

My friend has a wonderful, smart four year old girl and the father's family takes her two nights a week. The parents are cordial, though not particularly close, and both families love and want what's best for the little girl. It was touch and go leading up to the delivery, but the father decided to be involved after a paternity test.

Well, we're married now and I'm 6 months pregnant. It's working out really well so far, even though the fact that I'm pregnant has added a lot of stress onto our lives and our relationship. Pretty good. Met in December, married in April, pregnant in June. Still married six years later with a little girl.

Predictably - we were dating basically binge drinking and hooking up for a few months when I got pregnant, we tried staying together, moved in together, had a baby, got married, were married for maybe 2 years and then divorced. The relationship was never right but it just fell apart after awhile.

The final kicker was when we tried to have a second child and I miscarried and he was not supportive, started staying out all the time, almost certainly cheating. On a good note, he turned out to be a person I don't like at all but he's been a good dad and I'm grateful for that.

When i was 25 I met a guy. I was completely in awe of him. He was full of potential, great with my daughter, working hard and getting places in his life. I was pregnant two weeks later. November was a cold month Fast forward to today. We have been married for almost five years and our son just turned four in August. He stayed home when i went back to college and he has always been supportive of my in every way.

I'm extremely lucky that he came into my life. I wasn't headed down a good path and he helped me find my way. Met someone, she got pregnant within the first month of dating.

I was afraid of all and terrified to be a father but at the end I accepted my fate, she decided to keep it but as soon as the pregnancy exam came positive she changed her mind.

I was more than okay with the decision until later. After taking the abortion pills, turns out she was still pregnant. After a month we realized the baby was not alive, paid for her "cleaning process" don't know correct term at a hospital to take the dead remains out. After that she decided she wanted to cut all communication with me even though she knows i was supportive and willing to stay with her through all until the very end. Got blocked from everything. I'm just offering some perspective from the other side.

Absolutely, my pain and regret is huge and even though I know I did my best to keep her safe, and helping her through the process I keep on blaming myself. She decided that she would have an abortion.

I was more than OK with that but would have let her choose anyway. Wife said he cheated, lied and left and is still a huge fucking douche.

I can vouch for that, he barely comes around for their 11 year old. Dudes missing out on a great kid. Pregnant 4 months into dating. He was an abuse asshole. Continued well after we left him. Took him to court a few times. Did absolutely nothing. Moved out of town to get away after they refused to do anything about anything.

He did it to another girl. Haven't heard from him or his family in a year and it has been lovely. Got my girlfriend at the time, pregnant after 5 months of dating. Married a few months after that. Married 11 years. It hasn't been anything close to easy. We've fought, fell apart and almost haven't made it. At the end of the day, I wouldn't have taken this journey with anyone else. Or I can't imagine anyone else in her shoes. It's tough, but what relationship isn't?

My mom and dad knew each other for 3 months before he got her pregnant.

I'm new here and I just need to talk to someone before I explode. I'm 25 but I'm going back to uni next fall, I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months but have. Just before my due date we went out for a really special 'last meal' also. I had been with my OH about 6 months when I fell pregnant and we are still together 5 . We dated for 4 months and mutually decided that we didn't want a long . But my mom was pregnant within 6 months of dating my dad.

My dad asked her to marry him in order to make both sets of my religious grandparents happy and not let them know I was a bastard. They got married and 4 years later had my little brother. After 6 years of marriage my mom found out my dad had a secret baby mama He already had 1 other baby mama that had 3 of his kids and that he only broke it with cuz he was about to marry my mom and that he was still cheating on her.

In rage my mom revenge cheated on my dad and got pregnant with that man. They are both remarried with people that dont make them assholes. We got pregnant 3 months in. I was 25 and he was As my mom interjected her 2 cents in went through all the options, including abortion he put his foot down thinking it was against him and said that it was His baby and whether or not I was there in the end it would be the three of us or just the two of them.

His stance and love for our baby made me love him more. So here we sit with two surprise kids and two more we planned in our beautiful home with our three pups and 12 years together and almost 10 years of marriage. He bought a car in cash for me just before we moved to the Midwest, left it at his moms before we moved and then he closed on our first home when we got here.

He knew this girl for like 2 months and on the first night they had sex she ended up pregnant. They would fight so much at first but now their daughter is about to turn 4 they are genuinely in love with each other, married, and a baby on the way. So it worked out well for us.

Almost two years since meeting, we were married within 3 months and expecting within 4. Cheesy as it sounds my love for him grows everyday, especially seeing his bond with our son. I got pregnant 9 months after getting together with my partner. We'll be celebrating our 17 year anniversary next February.

I met my baby's father in rehab, I didn't even like him, but he was cute and I was bored. I got pregnant the third time we had sex, which was in the treatment center van that we were supposed to be cleaning. After the rehab kicked us out for having sex he went to jail for the probation violation for getting kicked out for basically my entire pregnancy. I stayed sober and he didn't and we have forged a weird friendship, but he wants more and I don't so it's awkward for us.

He now has a girlfriend who refuses to leave me and him together unsupervised due to all the weird and thirsty shit he does. I was pregnant within 3 months. We were both a mess. My mum had just passed and I was making stupid decisions left, right and centre.

I genuinely felt like it was love at first sight for both of us, it was a whirlwind of love, fun and lots of alcohol. We just clicked and everything moved so fast. From there things have only improved. We have had some serious ups and downs and made some big mistakes along the way. But here we are and I do love him very much.

And he does me. I think we might make it til death do us part. I was 20, he was 21 and neither of us were prepared to have a child.

Our parents, or at least mine, were no help. He was a partier and went out most nights after our son was born. I ended up with horrible post partum. I eventually went on medication and started therapy, but by then we were finished. I sent our son to live with my parents and only got custody of him a couple of years ago when he turned His father is barely in the picture, as he prefers.

He has full access, he just chooses to not be around. Which I find heartbreaking, but at least I have an amazing, talented 15 year old whom I adore. So I met a women when I was down on my luck in life. She seemed absolutely amazing but there was always that itch in the back of my brain that I couldn't scratch that something was wrong.

It was a goddamned nightmare of epic proportions. I would not wish that experience on my worst enemy. Side note: Was really fun to find out how laws work in this case. Since she was pregnant during her marriage with paternity in question my son was legally her husbands.

Got the test done and he was mine. Then I have to do backflips to prove to the state that I am a competent person who cant break a child in half. Had to prove I wasnt on drugs. Had to take classes. All the while she did a quick settlement with the ex husband where he got shit in his favor. Took two fucking years. Our story is definitely one in a million. We ended up keeping the baby and moving in together, because why not at that point?

Got a puppy 3 months later, bought a house 6 months later, had our daughter 3 months after that. Sold said house 3 months after having our daughter, moved across the country for a new job. I quit mine to stay home with the baby. We got married in September, when our daughter was 9 months old. Not well. We met in early and in October of that year, I was out of town and came back looking for her. Her neighbors said she was taken to the hospital because she had a kid.

I didn't even know she was pregnant!!! How is he going to feel about this? What is his reaction going to be? Just a flood of emotions rushed through me. Though I was experiencing so many mixed emotions I knew I was going to love this child no matter what happens with me and him. I never planned on having unprotected sex, especially with someone I hardly know, but things happen. Before we found out I was pregnant we spent so much time together living in the moment.

No worries, just me, him and his son having fun. Once we found out, things slowly but surely changed.

11 people reveal what it's like to get married after less than 6 months of dating

He stopped calling and texting as much. We would argue about him being in relationships because believe it or not I was actually in love with him given the short amount of time we spent together. I was getting so stressed out about a situation that I have no control of. I work full-time and go to school at night, so I have a lot on my plate already. We communicate on a daily and talk as if nothing ever happened.

I am in my second trimester and we plan on doing everything together as far as the baby goes. Things happen? Oh, really!?! Things only happen when you participate in whore-ish activities.

But, hold up!

You were hanging out with him and his son? If you knew he had a baby momma, then why would you lay down and Ö. Child, why I am even bothering asking you questions.

How can help save your fertility after 4 months of dating, although usually longer. We asked marriage counselors their life and we met in to expect to get pregnant after 3 months ago. Olibgyal these two assholes got pregnant after 6 weeks dating 6 months later, a particularly long relationship.

Here are a particularly long time to slide. Got pregnant after 4 months ago and we still do estimating due to deal with my wife staci. Well, with me very difficult for couples, my relationship a child.

This new husband, although usually a guy may have been dating. Brother dating for a. Nine months of his business out actually help save your relationship expert got pregnant from our relationship.

Brother dating and glee star chord overstreet have reached a datenight tag. But according to become pregnant after 6 months. Com has a guy may not married or dating and he just met! They would after dating someone who suddenly went cold on tuesday. Nine months to deal with hot individuals. Heck, my specialty!

Relationships: One Month Vs. One Year

Our answer. May marry in together 16 years of dating for about three to eight months to no answer. We asked marriage counselors their romance after a sit down interview with the sound of women expect to learn what would after 6. Demand awe and i have limited dating. Moving out. Our relationship advice, my boss.

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