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Sims - "No Homeowners" ft. Cecil Otter, Dessa, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S (Official Audio)

Dessa Wander [ citation needed ] born Margret Wander , May 23, , better known by her stage name Dessa , is an American rapper , singer, writer, and former record executive. She is a member of the indie hip hop collective Doomtree. Dessa was born to Robert Wander Jr. She attended the University of Minnesota , where she earned a B. Initially drawn to their raw aesthetics and unique sound, Dessa forged a friendship with Doomtree. Soon after, she was asked to join the crew and did so. Since , Dessa has toured with and appeared on all Doomtree albums, as well as on the other members' solo albums.

I developed an allergy to that medicine, stopped taking it, lived my touring, rap guy life and went back in for a checkup. I would go out and do, not the whole month, but a week or two weeks.

But just for a week-long trip, I was carrying a hundred pounds worth of liquids for dialysis. I was totally down to do the whole national P.

S tour and do dialysis on the road, but adapt it: cancel one show a week and just kind of force it to work. I went on my first tour when I was 14, I was playing paid gigs all through high school, [touring] was what I had been doing my whole life.

So this was the first time I ever took a break, you know? Since I was a teenager, it was the first time I ever stopped working, sat down and thought about my health.

I tried not to destroy all my friendships; it got me incredibly depressed and crabby. After I cancelled the tour and just did dialysis. I was at home. I was not writing for the dialysis time. He said he got to prison and all his inspiration was just gone. Usually for an artist like me, a dark point in life, or a hard, trying point in life is the kind of stuff that maybe fuels some art, and maybe makes art flow out naturally, but this particular type of suck that was going on was just not inspiring.

It made everything seem really stupid--it made bragging about whatever a rapper might brag about totally, totally irrelevant.

And talking about love, or the fucking government, you know, my bread-and-butter subjects, all seemed totally stupid when I was facing my own death.

And then the idea of writing songs about facing your death does not appeal to me at all, especially the way that I was writing.

A candid conversation with Dessa about her powerful new memoir, My Own Devices (Part 1 of 2)

Maybe right now, if I was to revisit it, I could come up with something really good -- and I feel like I have, in a couple of moments of writing from the last few months -- but basically, the dialysis point was not a writing point for me.

I have a lot. Dialysis time was not writing time, but getting a kidney transplant and healing time, there was more writing. Maybe nothing I would ever put out, but a lot that I could salvage lyrics from here and there and sprinkle into other stuff -- a lot of lines that maybe give reference to how I was feeling or the places I was going mentally because of being sick.

But you know, a line here or there, not song after song. I have been able to salvage some good parts from that raw emotion.

How did that come together? That was me and Jake [Heinitz, founder and editor-in-chief of Greenroom ] essentially starting our friendship.

Rapper Dessa is a member of the indie hip-hop collective Doomtree, off for years flashed across caller ID; they weren't dating any longer, but. Stefon Alexander (born August 18, ), better known by his stage name P.O.S, is a hip hop .. Koo Koo Kanga Roo". Koo Koo Kanga Roo. Retrieved ^ "Ninja Pajamas (feat. P.O.S), by Play Date feat. P.O.S". Play Date. Retrieved A candid conversation with Dessa about her powerful new memoir, My Own I used to date P.O.S before I was in Doomtree, and then joined.

The first time we worked on something, he was throwing a festival, he wanted me to host it, we kicked it and it was cool. How are you gonna come back out? It was cool. As the lone female in the Doomtree crew, a Minneapolis collective helmed by rapper P.

Dessa and pos dating

The MC said her first step into music was a tentative one; she was performing at a spoken word competition when another participant strong-armed her into delivering one of her poems atop a beat. For years, she struggled to find her voice in an industry that tends to embrace bravado over brooding.

Dessa and rapper P. At that moment, Dessa started embracing her more thoughtful, introspective urges, and even now her verses tend to be absent braggadocio.

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Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. As the lone female in the Doomtree crew, a Minneapolis collective helmed by rapper P.O.S., Dessa has never been shy about asserting herself. P.O.S, famous for his work with the DIY collective Doomtree and for his own brash, heady solo records, is in the midst of a comeback that makes.

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Yesterday, Dessa officially dropped "Call Off Your Ghost," the second a nod at P.O.S., who she's dating, and how the new album evolved. Minneapolis MCs Dessa and P.O.S. have been injecting the music I was able to catch up with both of the artists at the Philadelphia date of. Dessa was born Margaret Wander, the daughter of parents who met at a Duluth in addition to once dating fellow collective member P.O.S.

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P.O.S Reflects on the Day That Changed His Life and Moving Forward With His New Album Exclusive

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Dessa - Scuffle (Prod. by P.O.S.)

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