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Riverdale 2x14 Jughead and Veronica kiss (2018) HD

The relationship between Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones , commonly referred to as "Jarchie" among fans, is complicated and pre-dates the series. They were best friends up until a falling-out in the summer of after Archie canceled their road trip at the last minute. Which Jughead later on in season one found out he ditched him for hooking up with Geraldine Grundy , the school music teacher. Their relationship improves over the course of the first season until Archie admits to investigating FP 's trailer. Archie and Jughead were best friends since childhood.

They became good friends when Toni volunteered to be Jughead's tour guide when he first transferred, as she knew Jughead was a Southside Serpentsbond by blood, the son of FP Jonesthe leader of the Serpents. Because of this, Toni would always have his back along with the rest of the Serpents, as they consider Jughead family.

Toni gives Jughead advice when needed, especially when it comes to surviving Southside High and the Ghoulies. Toni is also loyal towards Jughead, as she knew that Jughead got jumped by the Ghoulieshowever she knew Jughead wanted to keep it a secret from Bettyand so she choose to honor his wishes, proving her loyalty towards him.

Phillips to re-open the school newspaper, later recruiting her in the process as the school photographer. As he described Toni to have an amazing eye and a hunger for social justice like he was. They're currently working on a case together for the papers on the Black Hoodwith Betty and Kevin aiding them. Toni arrives at school in the morning to find Jughead JonesSouthside High's newest student passing through security.

While taking a quick photo of him, Toni calls out to Jughead by his first name, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III, before introducing herself as his mentor. She is supposed to give him the full animatronic tour of the school, however, she jokes that with some of the robots going insane and killing people, they will be forced to wing it. Toni makes sure to tackle the basics as she guides Jughead throughout the school.

The classrooms don't have Wi-Fi. The bathroom stalls don't have doors. And the school paper, The Red and Blackhad closed down long ago due to budget cuts. To their right was a rare glimpse of Jingle Jangle being consumed in its natural habitat, though Jughead has no understanding of what she means. Toni tells him that it is a highly addictive gutter drug that's better off avoided.

Well, well, well, Riverdale fiends, we're back for Season 2 of our fave teen drama and already the suspense, mystery, and excitement are at. Which Jughead later on in season one found out he ditched him for hooking up . Jughead's father showed up at the station just as everyone was leaving and. Actually, she was casing the place, and she catches Toni doing the same a bunch of costumed players show up, with Jughead challenging.

On to the cafeteria, where she informs Jughead of the Ghouliesa rival gang of drug dealers, street racers, and rumored cannibals. As for her and Jughead, they sit on the other side of the cafeteria with the Southside Serpentswhich Toni failed to mention earlier, though her affiliation to the Serpents is precisely why she volunteered to be his mentor.

However, Jughead would rather sit alone, which baffles Toni considering that he is a Serpent by blood; the son of FP Jones. Toni advises Jughead to stick with the Serpents.

Should the Ghoulies discover that he's alone and vulnerable, they'll attack. The next day in class, Toni warns Jughead against answering Mr.

Phillips 's question in relation to the dystopian novel, Fahrenheit However, Jughead fails to heed her warning.

Later that day, she joins Jughead in the Red and Black offices to help him unpack after receiving approval from staff to revive the school paper. She congratulates him on finding his safe space. All he needs now is a photographer with an amazing eye and a hunger for social justice, looking to Toni in hopes that she will agree to join him.

However, before Toni gets the chance to reply, they are interrupted by Sweet Pea and two fellow Serpent members, who are wondering if Toni and Jughead will be joining them at the quarry. Although Toni is prepared to leave, Jughead declines Sweet Pea's offer, which leaves him feeling a bit upset considering that Jughead has come to them in the past for assistance.

They are good enough for him to ask for help, but not good enough to hang out with, Sweet Pea concludes. While Jughead appreciates what they have done for him and his father, he is through with the Serpents, which angers Sweet Pea, enough to make him attack.

Fortunately, Toni is there to keep the two of them apart, telling Sweet Pea that Jughead just isn't that into him. That night, Toni accidentally walks in on Jughead kissing his girlfriend, Betty Cooper. Toni apologizes for the intrusion, sarcastically remarking that she didn't see the sock on the door. Betty is not at all what Toni had pictured. She imagined someone more resembling of Emily the Strange.

Jughead then pulls an old kettle pot out of the box of items that Betty has brought over. Surprisingly, Toni has brought one off her own, commenting that great minds think alike. Toni joins Betty and Jughead in FP's trailer the next day, following an attack on Jughead, presumably orchestrated by the Ghoulies.

However, he lies to Betty, telling her that the cuts and bruises are the result of a motorcycle incident. While cleaning him up, Betty is initially worried that Jughead was going to tell her that he got jumped by the Ghoulies, which according to Toni, the Serpents would never allow because they have Jughead's back. Even though he wasn't an actual member, there was still that connection of family loyalty. Before leaving for schoolBetty asks Toni if she can keep an eye on Jughead while she is gone, to which Toni replies that she is all over it.

Once Betty is gone, they are able to speak freely. Toni reminds Jughead that she has warned him about the Ghoulies and how they would attack. She is hoping that this would serve as a lesson to take the threat more seriously. The following day in the cafeteria, Jughead voluntarily joins her and Sweet Pea at the lunch table.

It would seem that he has finally realized the severity of the threat, as well as accepts their offer to join them. Toni sits alongside Sweet Pea and Fangs Fogarty in the school's cafeteria as the three of them watch Archie Andrews ' message to the Black Hoodwhere he threatens to hunt the killer down.

With Fogarty becoming more anxious to earn his Serpent stripes as the day grows on, they can think of no better way for him to earn his way into the gang than for him to bring them the head of the Northsider in the video. Unfortunately, Jughead advises them against such action, claiming that he knows the guy in the video, who he describes as being a lame target. If they actually seek to prove something, Jughead suggests that they got after the Black Hood, though as Sweet Pea explains, this won't be in their best interest.

The Black Hood is doing their work for them by going solely after Northsiders, essentially making him a hero. She notes that while it is a decent read, she prefers Robert Graysmith 's definitive books on the subject. Jughead's phone then begins to ring. Calling him, is Bettythough he chooses to ignore it. Jones, Jones, Jones, you disappoint me, Toni says. However, as Jughead explains, none of them fit the profile.

Unlike most serial killers, the Black Hood wears a mask. He's most likely someone consumed with self-loathing. Conversely, he also sent letters and cryptos to the press.

Admittedly, Toni is a "true crime junkie". Toni confesses that she didn't stop by for a friendly chat, she is seeking Jughead out, hoping that he will help her crack the Black Hood's cipher that is posted in the latest print from the Register. Betty remarks that the codes looked familiar, though she can't quite place them. Toni suggests that she loosen her ponytail, which she swore is a joke, though the awkward tension is apparent.

Back on the topic of cracking the cipher, Toni explains that she is looking for double letters, such as double L and four-letter words like kill. It is then that Jughead begins to question why the Black Hood chose now to start killing.

From what little they know of the Black Hood, he is obsessed with cleansing the town of sinners and hypocrites, seemingly attacking anyone with ties to the north side, which Toni refers to as fake news. All the Northsiders ever do is demonize the south side, so it comes as no surprise that they would suspect the killer of being from there. Betty's defense is that she is merely stating facts, though Toni makes a point of addressing how drugs in town are sold mainly to north side crackheads.

She then turns her attention to the Red Circleor as she prefers to call them, the Red Psychos. She is surprised that Betty hasn't already come out to say that she thinks the Black Hood is a Serpent, as they all know how much Betty hates the Serpents, proving this claim to be true as she outs Jughead for hiding from Betty the fact that he sits with the Serpents at lunch.

Having said that, she decides to leave. They are confronted by Jughead after learning that Dilton Doiley has supposedly been jumped and stabbed by Southside Serpents. They clarify that they didn't jump Dilton, but recount what really went down; a large brawl broke out between The Red Circle and Southside Serpents which explains Sweet Pea's black eye that he acquired from Archie Andrews 's blow to his face.

The Bulldogs were let off free, whilst the gang was hauled in by the police. Tired of being subjected to unfair treatment and looked down upon as second-class citizens in their own town, Sweet Pea and Fogarty have devised a plan to blow up the Register with a pipe bomb.

Jughead objects to such action. Doing so will only worsen the divide between sides, suggesting instead that he first talk it out with Archie, but is quickly turned down as Sweet Pea is tired of Jughead playing both sides.

Jopaz is the het ship between Toni and Jughead from the Riverdale fandom. amazing eye and a hunger for social justice, and I think I'll be set”: —Coy Jughead Jughead tells her he was inspired by her to take up this mantle, when she told. Betty Stands Up to the Black Hood in This Week's Riverdale week's scandalous episode, which saw Toni and Jughead make out following But later , Toni thanks Jug for letting her stay, implying that his trailer was just her. “It's kind of up in the air whether she's actually helping or hindering Jughead,” the year-old commented. “She has her own CW. Riverdale: Cole Sprouse has revealed all about Jughead and Toni “She does cause a rift a little bit, kind of a change in Betty's world. She causes a .. CONNECT WITH US.

After the Serpents leave the table, Jughead sit down next to a concerned Toni, who says that the Northside has been dumping on them for years. Jughead's father, FP Jones, tried to keep both sides of the pot from boiling over and trying to prevent the bloodshed.

But with him in prison, and no leader present, reckless individuals such as Sweet Pea think that there is only one solution: violence. At the Whyte WyrmJughead appears in the Serpent jacket, claiming that he is ready to embrace being a Serpent. Tall Boy interjects, saying he'll only become an official member of the gang only if he survives the Serpents initiation.

Toni and Jughead locked eyes, and he can see her signs of concern. Before Jughead's second initiation test, Toni meet up with him at FP's trailer. She tests Jughead's memory of the laws of being a Serpent, which are the following; "a Serpent never shows cowardice", and "if a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, then their family will be taken care of".

However, he fails to cite the remaining laws. Toni instructs him to focus and to take the initiation seriously, which he swears he is, but he is struggling, though this still leaves the question as to why Jughead suddenly wants to go from conscientious objector to full-fledged member. Much to Toni's surprise, Jughead's sudden change of heart is because of her earlier statement in regards to his father being responsible for keeping Serpents like Sweet Pea inline.

Someone has to step up in order to prevent an all-out war from erupting. Hearing these words from Jughead convince Toni to continue helping him with his review of the laws. After Jughead's successful initiationthey sit in the trailer, as he heals up. Toni congratulates him for passing that initiation. As he holds an ice pack against his face, Toni points out that he is going to have a difficult time hiding his brand new double-headed Serpent tattoo from Betty, though as Toni comes to learn, he and Betty broke up, thus making his tattoo a non-issue.

Upon hearing this, Toni leans in for a kiss, which he reciprocates. After this kiss, they sleep in the same place, in Jughead's trailer in Sunnyside Trailer Park.

Jughead and Toni

They have breakfast at Pop'sand Toni reveals that the kiss was platonic, and she says she's more "into girls". She continues by saying that she knows that Jughead is still reeling over Betty Cooper and their forced breakup, and that he still loves her.

Jughead is forced out of the Red and Black newsroom by Archieas he's warned that there's a raid of Southside High.

Right on cue, Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller round up everybody who has the sign of a Southside Serpent on any article of clothing, and Jughead calls Toni to help her escape as well. She runs towards him, but is caught by a cop and slammed against the lockers, and handcuffed.

As they are walking the halls of Southside High, Jughead sees a group of cops round the corner.

Thinking that this is another raid, Toni calms him down, saying that they found out the Sugar Manwho, to their shock, is Robert Phillipstheir English teacher and adviser of the Red and Black. Jughead enters the Whyte Wyrm to announce his father 's upcoming release from prison. The Serpents rejoice, including Toni. Upon FP's release, Jughead plans to him up to speed on his plan to have a sit down with the Mayor McCoywhich will supposedly "bring the Southside back".

Unfortunately, Tall Boy expresses his frustration with Jughead's plan to compromise with the Mayor and the Northsiders. Hearing this, Jughead explains that he is sick of Tall Boy acting like "a little bitch". Furthermore, Tall Boy's whispers of Jughead being half a Serpent are becoming a great concern of his. Looking to resolve the conflict, Jughead decides to put their next move to a vote.

If the Serpents disagree with his mission to find a peaceful resolution with the Northside, then he will step aside, however, if they stand alongside him, he will follow through with the plan as scheduled. Toni stands to her feet, asking for a show of hands as she says "all those who stand with Jughead and think that Tall Boy should shut the hell up".

Did jughead and toni hook up

Many of the Serpents within the bar raise their hands in agreement with Jughead's plan to negotiate with the Mayor on their behalf.

Jughead later returns to the Whyte Wyrm, where he and Toni speak about his father's release. Though, this discussion leads them to the Snakee Charmer and the drug delivery that Jughead had made for her in Greendalewhich he has informed Toni of. Toni asks if Penny has called him for any more favors since, to which Jughead replies that the delivery is the favor, meaning that he technically no longer owes Penny.

For Jughead's sake, Toni hopes that he is right. The following night, Toni works from behind the bar during FP's retirement partywhich Betty has arranged in honor of him leaving the Serpents. Toni offers Jughead a drink as he looks nervous while walking past the bar, but he declines. She then silently observes as Betty enters the bar with her mother, Alice Coopera former member of the Southside Serpents. While wrapping up gifts at the Whyte Wyrm with FogartySweet Peaand the other SerpentsToni was approached by Jughead who is still new to the Serpents and had not the slightest clue as to what they were doing.

Toni explained that they gave back to the Southside every year. It had become a Serpent tradition to look after the young and the elderly of the Southside during the holiday season and to help out via Toys for Tots and Meals on Wheels. Jughead remarked that he was always down for charitable works.

Jughead rallied Toni, Sweet Pea, Fogarty, and many of the other young Serpents to reveal that Penny had forced his father into dealing drugs. He knew this because he was dealing Penny's drug before his father's release from prison. Since then, she had dragged in Tall Boy and Sweet Pea. Jughead feared that the Serpents would eventually end up like the Ghoulies.

Furthermore, he couldn't imagine that any of them became Serpents merely to be at the beck and call of a drug Queenpin like Penny.

The path that the Serpents were currently headed down only ended in two ways, jail or death. Which is why in the interest of self-preservation, Jughead wanted to take out Penny before she could take out the Serpents. However, Sweet Pea wasn't sure that his plan was wise, especially considering that the Snake Charmer had helped some of them in the past.

Though this admittedly came at a price, several favors to be exact. Jughead promised that if they didn't stop Penny that night, she was going to get every single one of them in on the business of drug-running.

The only remaining question was whether or not they were willing to risk their lives in order to his father's life. That night, led by Jughead, the young Serpents, hidden behind snake masks, entered Penny's warehouse, placed a black hood over her head, and carried her away.

Toni removed the hood from over her head after they drove her out to Greendale, as she had been banned from returning to the Southside. While they didn't care where she set up shop, it wasn't going to be in Riverdale or with the Serpents. If she sought to deal drugs and extort people, that would be done elsewhere. Penny laughed at them, then pulling up the sleeve of her leather jacket to reveal her Serpents tattoo, stating that Serpent law prohibited them from hurting one of their own.

As children, she and Jason were told stories by their mother about the mysterious figure, who was one of their father's friends.

Riverdale 2x06 Extended Promo "Death Proof" (HD) Season 2 Episode 6 Extended Promo

If they misbehaved, they were told that the Sugar Man would take them from their beds and they'd never be seen again. Cheryl asks, "Is there no memory, however traumatic, you won't defile? Lock your doors, Riverdale, the Sugar Man is coming The leader of the Ghoulies, Malacai, is striking a deal to go into business with the Serpents, but Jughead doesn't want this to happen.

He believes the Ghoulies will eventually try to eliminate the Serpents. Betty apologizes for everything she said to Veronica at the party in last week's episode and tells the truth about her connection to the Black Hood.

They make up and start working together to solve the mystery of the Sugar Man. FP tells Archie and Jughead that the Ghoulies are a "nasty crew.

While picking up litter, Reggie and Josie start bantering with each another. Perhaps a future Riverdale romance is in the works? Veronica buys Jingle Jangle from Reggie's dealer and Betty follows him.

But they get caught and are taken to the Serpents lair. Malacai is unimpressed when Archie and Jughead's "bitches" are brought into the lair mid-challenge. Veronica has the best retort: "I beg your misogynistic pardon?

Nick's victim-shaming is disgusting, as he tells Cheryl, "You were high, half-naked, and begging for it. While Betty doesn't reveal to Jughead why she broke up with him right away, she says, "I did it to protect you. Hiram and Hermione are understandably livid and vow to stop taking investments from Nick's family.

Later, we find out that Nick was in a terrible car accident—presumably, Hiram was responsible for it. Veronica calls Nick's injury "karma," proving that she's more like her family than she thinks. Archie makes Jug lose, and for a good reason: he's told the police and the Sheriff is waiting for the Ghoulies further down the road to arrest them.

Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) spend the It works, and the two fall into Riverdale's sexiest hookup ever. Not only was it simply very sweet, it also felt all the more earned since One of the nicest moments of Riverdale as a whole is Jughead asking Betty to be his Serpent Queen. Betty asked him if he ever "did" anything with Toni, to which he says "did some stuff Anyway, they wind up back at FP's trailer after Veronica's. The friendship between Jughead Jones and Toni Topaz began when While cleaning him up, Betty is initially worried that Jughead was going to tell her that .. To ease their transition to the Northside, she had set up a registration desk in the.

As she tells Cheryl, "Over the years there were many Sugar Men. Cheryl's mom also proves her allegiance to her daughter by destroying the "hush money" check given to her to keep quiet about Nick.

All together, it's a lot of boots knocking. So, we thought we would finally catalog the one topic Riverdale loves more than all of its murders and jingle jangle. Keep reading for a full low-down on the most titillating hookups going down in the town of Riverdale. Hold on to your pearls. Related Stories. Euphoria is getting deeper and deeper into the teen psyche with episode 3, which centered around high schooler Kat Barbie Ferreira.

Like her classmates. Earlier this year, The Bachelor saw a fan-favorite contest go home after a seemingly great one-on-one date. The person was shell-shocked but still.

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