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FP And Alice's Long-Awaited 'Riverdale' Moment Left Fans Shook And Emotional - PopBuzz

?FP Jones & Alice Cooper -- Crazy In Love

Let's face facts, the best part of Riverdale is the shipping. Sure, the murder and the mystery is great but it's the intricate relationships between each of our favourite characters that really gets us hooked. There's Bughead, there's Varchie There was Cherie that one time. There's Choni hopefully

She even revealed how they prepared for the emotional scene. Skeet was my rock. We walked to a quiet corner.

I'd wager that FP and Alice haven't shared more than 15 minutes of After all, this is the CW, where parents and their kids can date and it's not. Alice And FP 2x17 Relationship Dating Picture: any more - in fact, she wants to embrace that side of her life again if you know what I mean. Falice is the het ship between FP and Alice from the Riverdale fandom. that FP actually does return to Serpent life, in spite of what he told her earlier. Alice left the gang and started pretending to be a Nortsider as well as dating Hal Cooper.

Talked through it. And then the world melted away Riverdale pic.

Me when Alice told FP that she had his baby. Is that too much to ask?

Jones are going to make things official in the show's upcoming season. Alice Cooper and F. Jones might get married in Riverdale Season 3so get ready for all the Falice you can handle.

Riverdale has been teasing a romantic relationship between Betty's mother Alice Cooper and Jughead's father F. Jones for a long time now. In Season 2, fans learned that Alice Cooper was a member of the Southside Serpents as a teenager, and had a brief relationship with F. Despite their romance, though, Alice stayed with Hal Cooper throughout high school and ended up marrying him.

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Towards the end of the season, Alice confirmed that F. Riverdale 's steamy hookups aren't just for the teenagers Alice Cooper and F.

It's not like Alice doesn't fit the mark to date FP, we mean, she did used If you've got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the As of 2x13, Alice and FP are the only parents who haven't yet had affair with another parent. You've got Hal out here with Penelope Blossom. Read Chapter dating website from the story Alice and Fp story by Aislynn39 with reads. "You known seeing you being so protective is a real turn on.

Jones are here to prove that parents can get down, too. Or at least, that's what the cliffhanger at the end of Wednesday night's new episode seems to be suggesting.

Fans have been shipping Falice pretty much all season, and now it looks like the relationship is finally coming to fruition. So, are Alice Cooper and F.

Jones really dating on Riverdaleand if so, then what could that mean for Betty and Jughead? Let's get into this new development.

Spoiler alert: This post is going to go over details from Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17 "The Noose Tightens," so stop reading now if you haven't watched it yet. The sexual tension between Alice Cooper and F. Jones has clearly been building throughout Season 2 of Riverdalebut it still was not a given that the two characters would actually act on it.

Second: We've gotten hints in the show that FP/Alice COULD happen as a legit Something like this happened to my family in real life. girlfriend got back together after their children started dating and had a kid together. Riverdale's steamy hookups aren't just for the teenagers Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones really dating on Riverdale, and if so, then what could that mean for Betty and Jughead? Not only that, but she also had a fling with Serpents leader F.P. back in the day, although she cut that off.

Earlier in the show, we discovered that Alice grew up on the Southside and used to be a member of the Serpents.

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