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Publicly In Love Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic . FanFiction

Harry Potter - Draco Dating Hermione? Dramione

I am back! I am bring you a Dramione story. I need to get past some writers block on my other stories. I am hoping to be updating my other stories soon. I need to get this out of my head to write my other stories. Updated with be happening soon with the others. Anyways hope you enjoy.

As she got close to him, his head was bobbing up and down as he gasped for air and attempted to yell for help again. Draco shakily lifted his hand out of the water, but his head sunk down beneath the ice cold water. Hermione held onto his hand tightly and struggled as she pulled him out of the water. Once his body was halfway onto the ice, Draco pulled himself out of the water and rested his head on Hermione's legs.

It's been three damned years and I don't want to continue lying. Going public would be perfect, actually. Draco stood up and even though he stumbled, he kept a straight face. Hermione looked at him sadly.

Hermione abruptly stood up and took a deep breath. She touched his cold cheek tenderly. Both realized that Draco was still afraid to say "I love you" after these three years of a secret relationship. Hermione sat in the Gryffindor Common Room for the rest of the afternoon, focusing on her schoolwork. Harry and Ron looked at her worriedly, but she refused to talk to them or anyone else for that matter. Draco, on the other hand, was sitting alone in his dorm and contemplating how he could get into Hermione's good graces once again.

Her red coat was still drying in front of a small fire and he had been staring at it all day since he had gotten back into the castle. Pansy had seen him wearing the coat and asked him pryingly which of his whores had given him the coat.

Draco simply pushed her aside and continued walking.

Suddenly, Blaise Zabini, Draco's best mate, came into the dorm and stood in front of him. Blaise was the only person Draco trusted to know about his secret relationship with Hermione.

Draco looked up at his friend and nodded slightly. At dinner that night, Hermione was sitting in between Ron and Harry, who were both talking animatedly, but Hermione was simply playing with her food. Ginny looked at her worriedly, but Hermione would always say that she was simply feeling a bad rumble in her stomach.

Ron even tried to talk to her, but Hermione told him to turn his attention to Lavender before she would begin screeching unhappily. Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she turned around and saw Blaise grinning at her. They had become friends since Draco had told him about the relationship, but they had never spoken to each other in public. They kissed light first, then deeply as they grasped at each other's backs.

We're in school. In the back of her mind she knew they shouldn't because a lot of unwanted things could happen, but she loved Draco no matter what others thought of him and that was all that mattered to her then. Harry and Ron were talking about what Harry had done last night. Third base is amazing mate you need to get there. She herself was reminiscing over what had happened between her and Draco last night.

They had stopped before midnight and gone to bed so they wouldn't get caught. They were in the most opposite houses after all. She looked across to the Slytherin's table and caught Draco's eyes, they smiled quickly and looked away.

They sat down and ate their breakfast, soon accompanied by Ginny who blushed at the sight of Harry. Hermione wished she could be honest about her relationship but she knew how the others would react and so did Draco.

At least they could still be together.

Draco and Hermione are in a secret relationship, and Draco A year of dating secretly dating, he was going to announce them publicly. Usually Ron finds out that Hermione is taken(in another relationship) or all of Hogwarts Sort: Archive Date, Update Date, Publish Date, Reviews, Favorites, Follows When a distracted Draco lets Blaise go into his bag for a quill, his friend While trying to find help, he discovers a secret the Head Girl has been hiding. When Hermione and Draco's secret romance is revealed, will Hermione less date, "How long has this," he gestured to the couple's interlaced.

It was the best they could hope for until after they left school. Later during one of her free periods she went to their meeting spot to find Draco.

She had sat inside for a couple minutes when he showed up out of breath. We had a row and they chased me. I know they're your friends but they really are a pain in the ass.

Your friends might be a pain but at least they're decent" he replied. Im honored that you approve of my friends in some form. They both smiled and then Hermione stood up and kissed him draping her arms around his neck as he took hold of her waist.

That was the last thing she expected to hear from Draco Malfoy. This is just between you and me during our rounds, as I don't fancy being screamed at or being bored silly by your silence for hours every patrol," he declared. Now that Hermione finally understood what was motivating the Slytherin boy, she felt more at ease.

He was just looking out for his own comfort. If you call me a mudblood again, all deals are off! I do have a reputation to maintain, you know, but I'll let up on you a bit," he conceded, "and I won't call you a mudblood.

There's the Malfoy we all know and hate, she thought. Aloud she said, "All right.

Surprisingly, their agreement worked well and patrols became easier, almost downright pleasant, as the weeks passed. When he wasn't acting like a pompous git, Hermione found Draco an interesting companion. He had a sharp brain and wicked wit, which she found she liked now that it wasn't aimed at her. Their initial conversations had centered around assignments and gradually progressed to more personal matters.

They purposefully avoided any talk of their house rivalry or their affiliations in the coming war. As the Christmas holidays approached, they were quite comfortable with each other. The rest of the school would have been amazed, if they had known. Outside of patrol times, things didn't appear too different.

For Christmas, Hermione wants to let everyone know she and Draco have been secretly dating for several years, but that isn't so easy. AU sixth. Rated: Fiction M - English - [Draco M., Hermione G.] Ron W., Blaise Z. seat at the back right corner of the room, her secret boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. . 'And if I win, and Granger here is dating a Slytherin at dinner tonight, you. Hermione and Draco have a huge secret. That slowly . Ever since he started to date Hermione he started to fall in love with muggle things.

True to his word, Draco didn't call her a mudblood. He still insulted her in public, but his barbs were more general, and not personally wounding. No one appeared to notice the difference though, because he seemed to have stepped up his verbal attacks on anyone who was with her when their paths crossed. Numerous times, he almost came to hexes or blows with Harry and Ron. After one of these times, Hermione chided him for it when she saw him for patrol that night.

I'm nice to you. Take what you get.

Will Draco ever be the man that Hermione deserves? She had been secretly dating Draco Malfoy since the Christmas Holidays. AU, set sixth year. Hermione and Draco have been secretly dating, but what happens when everyone finds out? Co-written with my friend. Hermione and Draco have been together secretly since their fifth year. Now they Draco and I have been secretly dating since our fifth year.

You called me a 'know-it-all Gryffindork' in Potions today," she reminded him swatting at his chest. She looked at him in shock as that was the first time that he had ever called her by her first name.

He was also still holding both of her hands. Before she could even think of how to respond to him, his mouth had crashed down upon hers in a demanding kiss.

Even more startling to her was that she liked it and kissed him back. That night was the turning point in their relationship. Hermione ended up staying at the castle for the duration of the holiday break.

Draco and Hermione are dating secretly when they find out something that will change everything for them. Starts during 7th year and goes to.

Harry had gone to the Burrow with the Weasley siblings, but she had declined the invitation saying that she had special projects she was working on at school. Her parents had been offered places on a trip to a third world country with Smiles for All, the dental offshoot of Doctors without Borders.

She knew they had always wanted to be more than just financial backers of that organization, so she didn't complain that she couldn't return home. Most importantly, Draco was going to be at Hogwarts since his parents were off to places unknown.

The two sixth years were actually the only students from Slytherin and Gryffindor houses remaining at school. There were four Hufflepuffs and three Ravenclaws also staying, but they were all below fourth year. As the only upperclassmen, Draco and Hermione were pretty much left to their own devices.

Without the interference of anyone who might object, Hermione was able to explore the new direction that this relationship was taking.

She spent each day with Draco getting to know him and talking about everything. Their romance blossomed. They took walks, went shopping in Hogsmeade, and spent their time getting closer physically, though they hadn't moved the relationship to the next level yet.

Hermione and draco are secretly dating fanfiction

Hermione found herself happier than she had ever been. She did worry about what the other Gryffindor reactions would be, but knew that Draco was the right person for her. He seemed tailor made for her. He always knew the right thing to say and do. He was romantic, sweet, and everything that a sixteen year old girl could want in a boyfriend. The spoiled, condescending boy that she had known since she was eleven seemed to have disappeared.

Christmas morning dawned and Hermione found a pile of presents at the foot of her bed.

Harry Potter - Draco Dating Hermione? Dramione

She had already sent her gifts out via owl the day before. She still had her parents gifts, but they had told her to save them for when she saw them next. They had sent her some clothes, muggle books, and a fantastic pair of boots that she had seen on her last trip to London. Harry had given her a clever collapsible cauldron.

Ron had sent her an assortment of candy from Honeydukes with a funny note saying that he was sure her parents wouldn't get her any because they were "denters". She received the usual "Weasley sweater" from Molly and Aurthur along with some lovely homemade cookies. Ginny and she hadn't exchanged gifts, saying they were going to treat themselves to a special Girls' Day Out together in Hogsmeade after the New Year. Her roommates, Lavender and Parvati, had sent her a subscription to Teen Witch Weekly, and a book of make-up spells.

She rolled her eyes, knowing when they returned that they would get more use out of the gifts than she would, since she didn't typically go for that kind of thing.

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