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Our Little Secret Chapter 1: Straight Out, a how to train your dragon fanfic . FanFiction

HTTYD - Comic [By Ticcy from Deviantart]

And please, don't be so critical about it. I think it gets readers to become more, let's say, 'involved' in the story. Plus, I'm still a kid. I've had this idea for a long time now. Probably before I even started writing "Cousins". Just sayin'.

Hiccup mumbled something against Gobber but no one could hear it. Hang up ya saddles and get married! Astrid suddenly choked on her food and the table went silent.

Gobber turned to Astrid. Marry him please! You're the one with the pants in the relationship!

Hiccup had his head in his hands, noticing the table shake, He saw Astrid leaving and ran after her. Astrid wondered around Berk, trying not to step on any dragons, but that was proven quite difficult. She made her way to the stables, where Stormfly was eating. Astrid hugged her dragon. No that's ok. She really didn't want to tell Hiccup's mother what Gobber mentioned. She was already embarrassed enough.

And Valka had been around Astrid for a year now, so she knew to that Astrid didn't want to talk about it, but she did know when something was bothering her future daughter-in-law. Valka was a little shocked that she didn't want to fly, Gobber must have said something very wrong. Astrid still wasn't sure. She didn't know how Hiccup felt about being married.

She didn't want to pressure him into it either. He had other things on his mind as well. Gobber just wasn't thinking. They couldn't get married, not now. Or could they? Astrid wasn't sure, and that put a uneasiness in her stomach. Astrid nodded slowly to Valka's comment and she left Astrid to her thoughts.

She needed to talk with Hiccup like Valka suggested. She just didn't want to, but it wasn't like Astrid to not do something just because she didn't like it.

No, that's not like her at all. She made up her mind, she would talk to Hiccup wether it was embarrassing or not. Hiccup was listening to his friends talk about random things, like how Tuffnut kept coming over to Ruffnut's hut and how she was annoyed with him for it, or how Fishlegs showed his baby Gronkle how to make Gronkle Iron, he pointed out that it's never to early to learn.

Even Snotlout talked about his quest to finding a lady that would put up with him. Hiccup wasn't much into their conversation. He had a lot on his mind. Was Gobber right? Did he have to marry Astrid and get that in the done list? He didn't want to think of it that way, but Gobber had stirred up all kinds of thoughts in his head. Sure he wanted to marry Astrid, but was now the time? Later, Astrid pushes Hiccup out of the way of a blast of amber goo coming his way, and gets hit with it herself, but eventually is freed by Hiccup through the use of Monstrous Nightmare gel that he set on fire.

At the end of the episode after Heather flew off, Hiccup tells Astrid, "I am sorry that you are losing a friend", to which Astrid responds, "But I still have you. Later, Astrid tells Hiccup that she will lock him up if he says Dragonfly 2.

In this season, Hiccup and Astrid's relationship developed a bit more as they grew closer. In "Team Astrid", after Astrid's parents house is destroyed by Dagur, Astrid decides to stay and train an auxiliary team of riders, for extra protection for Berk. Hiccup is supportive of it and initially stays behind to monitor the training and do a sweep of the area. When Astrid does not return Hiccup is concerned and has everybody go searching for her and they split up.

Astrid ends up losing consciousness and is found just in time by Hiccup, who saves her from drowning. Hiccup to make sure Astrid was okay, yells her name, to which she responds, "What took you so long?

In "Snow Way Out", Astrid keeps it secret that Heather is spying on the hunters from Hiccup, and Hiccup when finding that out tells Astrid he is disappointed with her, and that he relies on her. Astrid tells Hiccup that she didn't want to keep the secret from him but Heather said she had too. At one point in the episode when Astrid is told to keep said secret, she stated that she has never lied to Hiccup before. In this season, Hiccup and Astrid's relationship continued to develop, but throughout the season they were still just friends.

In "Buffalord Soldier", Astrid is scratched by a Viking with the Scourge of Odin, and she comes down with that disease. She hides it from Hiccup, but when Stormfly enters Hiccup's hut, Hiccup knows something is wrong with Astrid, and discovers that she has the Scourge of Odin. Initially, Astrid is left behind, as the other riders, along with Hiccup, go to find the island the Buffalord lives on to get it's saliva.

After discovering that the saliva dries up quickly, Hiccup sends Snotlout to get Astrid. As soon as Snotlout gets back to the island, Astrid falls off the dragon and Hiccup catches her and then carries her to the rock and puts her down.

Hiccup tells her that he can't imagine a world without her in it. Hiccup then gets more saliva in the cup and feeds it to Astrid, but nothing happens. Through the twins eating the grass, Hiccup realizes that for the cure, the Buffalord's saliva has to be mixed with the grass.

While trying to get some of the Buffalord's saliva mixed with the grass, Viggo appears and captures the dragons. Eventually, Hiccup gives up the dragon to Viggo in exchange for the cure, so he can feed it to Astrid and cure her of the Scourge of Odin.

After getting the cure, Hiccup takes it to Astrid and has her drink it, and it instantly cures Astrid, who quickly stands up, but falls over a little and is caught by Hiccup.

Later, after the Viking funeral for the ship of Vikings that had died from the Scourge of Odin, Astrid thanks Hiccup for what he did for her, and Hiccup replies, "That you would have done the same for me", to which Astrid replies, "I can't imagine a world without you in it, either. In "Stryke Out", Astrid is visabily concerned when she and the other riders discover that Hiccup was captured. At the end she is able to get to the place where Hiccup is being held, and she opens the door and then runs to Hiccup and they share a hug.

Later, Astrid states that she is relieved that they found and him, and she had been really worried about him. In "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", Hiccup was sent into a pit with three speed stingers and Astrid reacts by trying to get to Hiccup, and yelling his name but is blocked by Throk.

Astrid said turning Hiccup so he faced her, and gave him a you just slept with your girlfriend for the first time, and you can't even tell me how. I do not own any of HTTYD. there, and if it was our favorite couple thinking they were married unexpectedly. As Tuffnut walked away, cooing to his chicken, Hiccup and Astrid just stared at him before looking to each other. What if Astrid and Hiccup fell in love before the movie and not after? How would that effect Berk? Crossover from chapters If that bothers.

In this season, major development happens with Hiccup and Astrid's relationship, as they become a couple towards the end of the season. In "Midnight Scrum", Astrid is concerned about the bounty on Hiccup's head, and she wants Hiccup to lay low, but Hiccup says he wouldn't since that would be playing into Viggo's hand.

Later, Hiccup is captured by Bounty Hunters, and Astrid is very concerned about this, and tells Hiccup's dad about the bounty on Hiccup's head. Later, after rescuing Hiccup, Astrid helps Hiccup upon seeing his leg is missing, over to the dragons.

In "Dire Straights", after the Diving Bell is thrown onto the ship by the Submarriper, Fishlegs and Astrid pull Hiccup, who is unconscious, out of the diving bell and put him onto the deck of the ship. Astrid shows immediate concern and says to Hiccup, please breathe. After Toothless licks Hiccup, Hiccup regains consciousness and Astrid moves and she and Hiccup hold hands, as Astrid is relieved now that Hiccup is awake.

In "Blindsided", Astrid loses her sight from a big flash of lighting and is sent flying in the dragon stables, where she is found by Hiccup, who takes her back to the clubhouse.

Httyd fanfiction hiccup and astrid dating

Hiccup then talks to Astrid alone and tries to comfort her, and Astrid understands what Hiccup is trying do and is appreciative of it. Hiccup encourages Astrid to get some rest, and Astrid asks Hiccup to stay with her until she falls asleep, to which Hiccup responds he is not going anywhere. Later, as they are flying out to find Stormfly, Hiccup keeps Astrid from falling off after they hit some slight turbulence, and then Hiccup admits that he was glad she was here.

Later, on the ground Astrid starts calling Stormfly's name, and trips over a rock. Hiccup dives and catches her, and when they hit the ground they are face to face with each other.

Later, Astrid thinks Stormfly doesn't want her riding her, after Stormfly tossed her aside, but Hiccup says that Stormly was protecting Astrid, and that she did not want her in the fight. Hiccup comforts Astrid, who is feeling helpless, and says "Astrid, you and I have been through everything together. You don't think we can handle this? Astrid, you have me, no matter what. Okay, whatever that means, whatever you want it to mean. I am with you. There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid.

At that moment Hiccup acts like he is going to kiss Astrid, but is interrupted by the Triple Stryke returning. Later, Gothi restores Astrid's sight and Hiccup is relived and thanks Gothi, followed by Astrid standing up and hugging Hiccup. Later, Hiccup and Astrid are sitting on the edge of the platform connected to the dragon stables, and Hiccup asks Astrid if she is feeling okay, to which she says she is fine, and the Hiccup can stop worrying about her now.

This is a httyd story but with a twist, it has the same timeline as the first What if Hiccup and Astrid have always been a couple but no body knew? if Berk found out that the 'mistake' and the strongest girl were dating they. HTTYD~. People were wrong. Astrid walked through town, axe . On their dates, Hiccup's attention was always fully on Astrid, no matter what. SPOILERS FOR HTTYD 3 I HAVE WARNED YOU. Summary: Gobber brings up the subject of marriage between Astrid and Hiccup, and that.

Hiccup admits that he always worries about her, and Astrid says the same goes for her too with Hiccup. After that, Astrid asks Hiccup if he was trying to kiss her in the forest, to which he responds that he thought about it. Astrid asks Hiccup why he didn't kiss her and Hiccup says that the moment was not perfect and that he was thinking that when it happened, and yes he thought about it a lot, that when it happened, that it had to be perfect.

Astrid responds after looking out at the sunset, that this moment was pretty perfect, to which Hiccup responds, that it is, and then Hiccup and Astrid share a kiss, their first as a couple, and after the kiss Astrid leans over on Hiccup and puts her arm around him. In "Shell Shocked, Part 1", Hiccup and Astrid talk by the stairs to the great hall, and are about to share a kiss when they are interrupted by Fishlegs, who assumes they were talking about where to hide the dragon eye when they got it back.

After Fishlegs leaves, Astrid and Hiccup are relieved that Fishlegs did not find out. This leads to Hiccup questioning Astrid about why they are keeping it secret. Astrid explains that the relationship is so new that she wanted to keep it to themselves, and that she wanted to enjoy it with just him. Then Hiccup puts out is hand for a handshake but Astrid goes and pulls him in for a kiss, which he returns, and Astrid as she is preparing to leave says, "Did you think I would leave here with just a handshake?

Later, Hiccup and Astrid try to share another kiss after deciding that they have to keep the relationship out of the battle and in battle act like they had been before the relationship started.

Hiccstrid/Merilout: The Summer’s Fervor (ch4rms Fanfiction) (MATURE)

They go to kiss but are interrupted by the twins, who misinterpret what is going on and wrongly think Hiccup and Astrid are dying. Hiccup says, "NO! After Viggo falls into the Volcano, Astrid comes up to Hiccup and say "it's over. It is over, right? Astrid then apologizes to Hiccup about not keeping their relationship outside of the battle and says that it will not happen again.

Hiccup forgives her, and says to Astrid to just tell him how she feels, as he relies on her. This is followed by Astrid pulling Hiccup in for another kiss, which the other dragon riders see, and say "This. In this season, even more development happens with Hiccup and Astrid's relationship, with them being confirmed to be betrothed early on in the season.

In "Living on the Edge", Hiccup kisses Astrid on the forehead before leaving Melody Island, and thus leaving Astrid alone to deal with the hurt dragon. In "Sandbusted", Hiccup has the betrothal gift he is going to give to Astrid, and he tells Snotlout that saying, "This is my betrothal gift to Astrid.

It means we'll be together forever. Astrid says, "What can you get a guy, who has it all, wants nothing, and need nothing? Later, after Astrid rescues Hiccup, along with Snotlout and Amos, Hiccup stops Astrid and tells her he needs to show her something.

Hiccup pulls out the necklace saying, "This was my father's bethrothal gift to my mother. Astrid, you're a part of our family. Hiccup smiled and turned to Fishlegs, giving him a friendly, nod, letting him know they were all in. Because we know very little about… most things," Tuffnut said before he and his sister started to walk out the front door of the Club House.

Everyone else sighed with a roll of their eyes as they watched them. That afternoon, everyone was outside Fishlegs' hut. They had a long table set up, full of food to demonstrate what a proper Viking union feast entails.

Plus, it was just about lunch time. Ruffnut and Tuffnut sat at the head of the table with their feet propped up.

The others just watched from by the hut as Tuff nibbled on a fish bone and Ruff continually licked at a plate. Hiccup noticed too and grabbed a bucket of water to put it out. Unlike Tuff, I prefer learning by watching not participating," Ruffnut said, sitting down on the rocks by the table, getting comfortable to watch the 'wedding.

Then, uh… " Fishlegs shuttered, looking around franticly for another option. And that option was Astrid. At the mention of Astrid being the bride, Snotlout almost fell out of his chair in anticipation before immediately springing to his feet.

After two years of dating, Hiccup Haddock and Astrid Hofferson decide to take their next Disclaimer; I do not own the HTTYD movies or series!. Astrid and Hiccup have been dating in secret, but their fathers' announcements of arranged marriages might force them to go public. A tale of. Hiccup doesn't like the constant flirting other boys give Astrid. He knew why boys still flirted with her, tried to get a date: they didn't believe.

While Astrid pouted, Hiccup noticed Snotlout's sudden snap of attention to what they were doing and knew in a second that he was going to volunteer to be the groom. Even though this was all supposed to be fake, Hiccup did not want that. And even if it might be a little funny to see Astrid brooding and angry through the whole thing, she might be angrier at him later if he didn't try and do something to help her.

Freya knows she'd never even want to be Snotlout's fake bride. And besides, he really wanted to be standing there with Astrid himself. In a bit of panic, Hiccup hastily stepped forward. Astrid looked to her best friend, smiling for a brief moment before Snotlout cut in. Astrid dashed the short distance to Hiccup's side, grabbing his arm. He spoke up first," she said quickly. She would take Hiccup over Snotlout being her fake groom without blinking an eye.

Hiccup and Astrid shared a quick look with each other but looked away as both their faces grew warm, but kept their hands where they were asked to. As he sat down, Fishlegs glanced back at Tuff and noticed he was looking over the scroll while only mumbling the words to himself. Any who…" Tuff quickly cleared his throat before reading out loud off the scroll; very loud, deep, and dramatic.

Doth taketh Astrid Ingrid Hofferson, daughter of Freya, to be his betrothed-ed-ed. And by utterance of these words, this union may only be broken in the Halls of Valhalla," Tuff waved his arms fluidly, waving one up towards the sky. Both 'bride and groom' raised an eye brow at this, but Hiccup reluctantly shrugged before lightly tapping his forehead to Astrid's hair. Tuffnut watched this and chuckled. Still flushed, Astrid looked from Hiccup to her hands in his before pulling them away gently but quickly.

Astrid looked back at Hiccup for an answer, but the chief's son only shrugged. Both looked back at Fishlegs, still not knowing, and Fishlegs sighed. If it's part of the ceremony, you guys need to do it," Fishlegs told them. Hiccup looked back from Ruff as she chuckled, to Astrid as she rubbed her arm, annoyed, and looked down at her feet.

Hiccup reached a hand out and put a hand on her shoulder. Astrid snapped her head up to see that adorable lopsided grin of his and kind, reassuring eyes. Astrid's heart and cheeks warmed further at this gesture. True, she had deep feelings for Hiccup, and won't mind the bit of extra physical contact, but she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to do it like this, with all of their friends watching. Astrid wasn't sure how to execute her feeling when she had them too well, especially when it came to deeper emotions.

She was already feeling her nerves bubbling oddly from the fact that Tuff had just spoke both their names and 'pronounced' them as betrothed while they held hands.

She didn't know why, but after glancing at his intrigued face once again, she caved.

With a sigh, Astrid took his offered hand and stepped closer, placing her other hand on his shoulder. Hiccup followed her lead and placed his on her upper back.

And the two started to sway. After less than half a minute of swaying like two leafs in a lazy, gentle breeze, Astrid rolled her eyes. It wasn't that she didn't like being held by Hiccup the way she was, but their dance didn't feel like a dance at all.

Just a boring step that way then another. Plus it felt a bit awkward being watched by everyone else. But as soon as the words left her lips, she felt even more awkward because Hiccup heard her say that. She didn't want him thinking she didn't like being this close to him, so she just kept swaying and kept her mouth shut.

I'll go get my pan pipes," he announced in excitement before dashing into his hut. Hiccup did his best to smile with her face so close to his, but she was right.

This did feel pretty lame. And he could understand why Astrid would think so. He knew she preferred faster paces in things she did, as did he most of the time.

Another thing they had in common. And he knew this was not how Vikings dance at weddings. He remembered hearing about real Viking union receptions and how the bride and groom would dance and even sing to a special…. Hiccup's eyes widened as a light turned on in his head. He knew it was stupid and a bit crazy, and he wasn't really sure how Astrid would react to it, but like Fishlegs said, 'this was a demonstration.

If it's part of the ceremony, they had to do it. Astrid noticed his eyes widen and knew something just clicked in that vast head of his. She knew Hiccup well enough to know when he is thinking and when he has an idea. But before she could ask him what, he started to whistle.

The first few notes were all Astrid needed to recognize the song he was trying to initiate. It was an old Viking ditty, traditionally for weddings. She was surprised Hiccup would think to use this song for right now, but at the same time, she was not surprised.

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