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The Pit Stop Season 4 Episode 4: Kim Chi Spills the Tea - RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4

We enforce the spirit of these rules, not the letter. For the nuances of these rules, please read the expanded ruleset. Please read our spoiler policy before posting. If you'd like to organize an AMA, message us for verification! The breaking point for Bob and Naomi's friendship i. Tbh, Bob has a fucking stunning pair of legs.

Kim Chi (drag queen)

They're not even slender willowy legs like miss Smalls. Bob's legs look like if she kicked you, it would fucking hurt, even without heels. Personally I hate that nose ring, I just find those things one of the biggest boner killers in the world personally. All of my friends have it, so I'm used to seeing it. But I was also talking about Bob's drag as well. Her being a comedian, people trying to find a way to tear her down while she annihilated Season 8, and Michelle's singular comment about "ratchet drag", have all somehow convinced some people that Bob's look doesn't match her performance talent.

This is completely ridiculous, because as someone who was lucky enough to meet Bob and get a hug, OMG I can confirm that she's beautiful and glamorous as fuck. Her makeup is right, her body is right, her style is right, and the haters can't take it. She's an all-around talent, baby!

Bob is one of the most talented queens of any season, and she dominated so many challenges, but she's not a look queen. Same with queens like Jinkx in her original season. That's not to say she doesn't know fashion, but with Bob the main focus is on her performance, her ability to interact with an audience, ad-libbing, comic timing and being a live performer, but with a queen like Kim Chi the focus is on the look, and the art behind it so she is living art.

Same with queens like Miss Fame or Violet and Acid. I don't think there was a look of Bob's I didn't enjoy on some level and there is always something unique or inventive even behind the less successful with the fanbase looks I thought it was awesome that her robot outfit cost 25 dollars, most drag queens don't have hundreds to splash on gownsbut from a fashion and design point of view, it is her weak point: some of her outfits were much weaker then the other queens, and even though the dress she made for the Book Ball was beautiful, it didn't meet the challenge as it had no paper in it.

But even so, she still would have been in the bottom for that look because Kimmy dominated that challenge, and Naomi and Chi Chi's final looks and previous two looks were so much stronger then Bob's.

I don't see the point in being hung up on Bob's look anyway.

She has something a lot of queens do not have and that's way more important then if she can or even wants to rock a six hundred dollar gown. If she can, well sweet, I hope she does use the fifty dollars that's left after tax to buy herself something a bit more upmarket.

I hope none of you girls are dating him because I'd hate to fuck him behind . Naomi, Bob and Kimchi have the best relationship I think a top 3. Now there's nothing wrong with rooting for Naomi Smalls or Kim Chi or . much standard fare in any gay setting, from bars to dating websites. Kim Chi (born August 8, ) is the stage name of Sang-Young Shin (Korean: ???), a South Eventually, Kim Chi made it to the top three along with Naomi Smalls, but lost the title to Bob the Drag Queen. made for her called "Fat, Fem, & Asian", which was a commentary on negative stereotypes in the gay dating world.

One of Bob's main strengths as a queen is her versatility outside of the bedroom. Bob is a queen where she focuses on what's more inside the package then the packaging. The presentation is secondary to the performance, and that's just who Bob is. Even in her finale look, Naomi and Kim's final looks were so much more elaborate and polished and co-ordinated then Bob's.

That's fine because those two are queens were the look is of much greater importance to them then Bob, and have less of a focus on performance then she does: Kim for example had to be carried through pretty much all the acting and comedy challenges.

They are even less her forte then fashion is for Bob.

Far more. Bob can rock a look that is unique to her if lacking in overall polish. And that's what I like about her. As someone who grew up poor and spent way too much time with spoiled rich kids, Bob speaks to the bargain hunter in me and that my upbringing has given me a great sense of thrift.

I agree that Bob isn't a look queen in that her main focus isn't on the look, but that wasn't my point. Sometimes people isolate Bob's performing abilities as her only talent, when she's actually more than competent at hair, makeup, and style.

LA Comedy Live is proud to announce RuPaul's Drag Race - Kim Chi + Naomi Smalls to perform in Singapore!. Kim Chi is the stage name of Sang-Young Shin (???), a drag queen, performer , makeup artist and one of the Season 8 runner-ups of "RuPaul's Date of Birth "Naomi Smalls, your wardrobe reminds me of a legendary Drag Race queen. Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls participated in an episode of the Alaska and Sharon Needles dated for many years during Sharon's time on Drag.

After seeing her on the show, she had a great aesthetic, but if she had to lip sync for her life, she would have went home against any of those girls. ScaryRussianHeather : Jinkx only won two main challenges during her run, Roxxy won two, and so did Alaska, and Alaska never fell in the bottom… but Jinkx won the Season 5. Bob was the clear frontrunner from the start. I laugh that anyone would even offer up an analysis of this kind of dated shit. Come on…drag queens? Gay men are really still into this stuff?

DuMaurier : But you know what they meant though….

Her last lip sync in the finale was her walking from side to side. She was painting characters on her face. Really queen?

If there is a reason why I am glad the season is over is because i am not going to have to come here and correctly predict that the recaps are going to be mostly about how much you dislike Derrick. Shit, girl, five Gs. Interesting that Derrick gets shit on for not gluing her browns down when Darienne Lake and Courtney Act did the same thing for most of their participation in the show. Not to shit on my Boricua brothers and sisters but our education system dictates English classes every day from 1st to 12th grade.

I understand the accent I have onebut I have less patience than most for bad grammar and excuses because by the time they get out of highschool, most Puerto Ricans have had hundreds of hours of English Instruction. It is not as if I grew up priviledged and had a private education with English immersion. You were clearly traumatized by something in your past and have not gotten over it. Reach out to the Black people that hurt you.

Tell them how you feel. At all. While gayville is clearly a very competitive town, I believe that confusing preference with bias is wrong. Men in general, and possibly gay men specifically are oriented towards external stimulants.

That means that men sexually tend to be turned on by features such as body, face etc.

This translates into caucasian guys having a preference for other caucasian guys. Shadeaux : Agree that Kim Chi was a bit onesided. But becoming the next Drag Queen requires versatility. Bob had that. Naomi was flawless, her outfits were gorgeous and probably more fashion sense than Bobbut when you put all things together, she fell short.

DCguy : Raja is half Dutch. Search for:. Get Dragaholic's Newsletter Subscribe to Dragaholic for the best drag news and updates in your inbox. DCguy Interesting topic, but 2 attempts to attack Derrik on it? An ongoing storyline during Drag Race season 10 has been the complicated and tenuous relationship between Miz Cracker and Aquaria, two queens from New York City who have been regularly compared to one another, on and off the show. Aquaria also went on to fight with The Vixen during season 10, but it is clear that, animosity aside, a frenemies relationship had to be developed between Miz Cracker and Aquaria in order for them to work and coexist in the NYC drag scene.

It is unfortunate that many Drag Race fans have gone on to claim that Kennedy Davenport took a finalist spot that belonged to Shangela during All-Stars 3especially because these two queens are very close to each other.

Thankfully, however, it was the jury of the eliminated contestants that chose the Top 2 of that season, thus having little to no effect on the strong friendship between Shangie and Kennedy.

M.U.G. with Kim Chi & Naomi Smalls - Makeup Horror Stories

Despite being from completely different Drag Race seasons originally, these queens met one another off the show and went on to solidify their friendship during All-Stars 3which they were both a part of. Despite the fact that Aja and Valentina have since publicly buried the hatchet, it certainly seems like their relationship never went further than the frenemies status.

As a contrast to Aja and Valentina, there was the beautiful friendship among Sasha Velour and Shea Coulee during season 9.

Kimchi and naomi dating

The two remain the best of friends with a chemistry that shines throughout the talk show series. I don't feel the show, producers or host have the best intentions for me.

A clearly bothered but classy RuPaul responded to the Phi Phi rampage by saying that it was up to every contestant to decide what they would do with the Drag Race platform. The pair made it to the Top 3 of the season and ultimately lost the crown to Bob the Drag Queen, but they became extremely close to one another, which is clear from the Instagram and Twitter feeds of the queens containing several pictures and friendship messages for one another.

The queens excelled at recounting how they met and cracking jokes at the expense of one another, proving to be real best friends. Bianca Del Rio is known as one of the most professional drag queens in the entire club circuit, and when it came time to speak her mind about a particular queen who was treating her gigs with disrespect, there was no doubt that Bianca would go all the way.

Over the past decade, reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race has become a cultural phenomenon. “I didn’t know who Naomi was, but immediately became fond of her, and towards the end of the season we were inseparable,” says Kim. Neither Kim nor Naomi ever intended to get into drag. Refresh. Kim ChiVerified account @KimChi_Chic · Bob The Drag QueenVerified account @thatonequeen · Trinity The TuckVerified account @TrinityTheTuck.

Following the Bianca Del Rio read, several other stories came out about Valentina acting unprofessional with club owners, being late to gigs, and being disrespectful to fans, which goes in direct contradiction with her title as Miss Congeniality of season 9.

However, following their seasons, the couple broke up.

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