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From 'Bae' To 'Submarining,' The Lingo Of Online Dating : NPR

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Michelle Kamke, 39, of Madison, Wis. It was a good opportunity, she said, to meet someone who also loved skiing. So now a ski resort in Wisconsin is trying a new tack: speed dating on a chairlift. In the documentary Swiped , filmmaker Nancy Jo Sales investigates how dating apps have created unintended consequences in actual relationships. Courtesy of HBO hide caption. Predictably, some of her findings are pretty bleak. Facebook said its new dating feature will use profile information to help match users.

So, like, as if you're trying to look for the next dress or the next handbag or whatever, and you're browsing. And I think because I have, like, data about my own profile sometimes laughter so I can tell if I, like - I have a picture of myself with glasses and books in the background, but the picture of me holding a beer does better. And also, like, you're doing it too. Like, there is literally a giant red X on someone.

And there is something, like, a little gross about saying, like, no, I do not want this person in my life. GREENE: Well, I'm just so fascinated because both of you share this thing in common that you're both using online dating but also writing about it, thinking about it, which has to shape the experience personally. Didn't you have Excel spreadsheets of dates and people and WANG: Yeah. So people use lists nowadays to basically get a better sense of who they're attracted to and to really put a very quantitative twist to something that did not used to be like that.

I think it's just, it's, you know, why do we wear Fitbits?

AILSA CHANG, HOST: All right. I don't know if you know this, but peak online dating season is here. says now through Valentine's. May Thanks to the prevalence of apps like Tinder and Grindr, online dating is now fairly mainstream. Here are some of the words and terms in the lexicon. In the lingo of online dating, submarining begins when someone with whom you have And then there's "sliding into DMs like" which is the meme form of the term.

Like, why are we tracking how many calories that we're eating? It's really new cultural phenomenon, and I think it has basically encroached onto our dating lives, as well. GREENE: And, Megan, just listening to that, like, if someone is thinking, wow, technology offers a lot of good things - like, a lot of opportunities to keep track of myself and, you know, find people, but I also don't want to lose the magic of romance and meeting people.

Like, what is your advice on the balance? Like, if you really care about someone and you meet them, there's going to be these indefinable moments or something that you realize, or maybe you find out you're both keeping spreadsheets. Like, there's always going to be some sweet, little thing that comes through.

GREENE: It feels like there's something about dating that it's like it's become something crazy and new and data-driven and you can use all of these new toys, but that there's something central to romance and the magic that everyone wants to make sure to hold onto.

And I think that's what a lot of companies are saying - we're not an online dating service, we're more of an introductory service. The dating doesn't happen online. The dating happens in person.

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So in a way, they're trying to preserve that magic, right? So they're really framing their services as more of a way to just bridge connections, and then you go out into the world and do the real dating. You can find more of our stories online and on the radio all this month.

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From 'Bae' To 'Submarining,' The Lingo Of Online Dating

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NPR Shop. So how has online dating changed the connections we make?

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All Things Considered ยท BBC Npr here and now online dating Service ยท Flyover ยท Here & Now ยท Hidden Brain ยท Its Been a Minute with Sam Hede ยท KNPRs. This Valentine's Day, Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson revisits a are using online dating apps today, and how they are changing the dating and. Here Now hosts Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson It's produced by NPR News , WBUR Boston and a consortium of 12 public radio stations that includes.

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Here & Now's Lisa Mullins talks with Korb about the path to organization, which he writes about in his new book, "Raising an Organized Child." That and more, in . Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that he's planning to create a dating service. "There are million people on Facebook that. online dating. So now a ski resort in Wisconsin is trying a new tack: speed dating on a chairlift. . dating. Here are some of the words and terms in the lexicon.

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