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06082014 Roommate Ep 06 Park Bom: "Truthfully, I like Dongwook oppa!" BODONG CUT

BoDong is sailing again :. Bom: While singing, i recorded the bodong placard.. Seho: People of the world are hoping for you and Dongwook to be together. Doubtful and Jealous Dongwook BoDong will sail on the Ep. Cute ;.

The movie that was said to be prepared by Chanyeol and Kang Joon during their camping was obviously arranged by the Roommate staff. When Lee Dongwook was having his fit of complaints about what they have showed of him, he was looking at the unseen staff and not at Chanyeol and Kang Joon. It was not clearly shown but Chanyeol gave each of the Roommate casts a cap from his collection during that camping thing.

Park Bom and Lee Dong Wook Are a Good Match for Marriage?

Nana appears to be a little witty. My prediction of Min Woo getting aboard a new drama has come about. I think Nana was uncomfortable about that Balloon Popping game.

Park Bom and Min Woo, despite their fake dating project, were obviously shy around each other.

06082014 Roommate Ep 06 Park Bom: "Truthfully, I like Dongwook oppa!" BODONG CUT

When it was mentioned that Chanyeol has an older sister, I think many of the viewers of Roommate anticipate to see her. That is not exactly the case when Chanyeol is with EXO in other programs. Park Min Woo appears to be good at eavesdropping.

“Please take a look at Park Bom's dating fortune. “I like Lee Dong Wook oppa,” admitted 2NE1's Park Bom, who couldn't hide her giddiness. Park Bom cries in the upcoming episode of "Roommates". to ask which of the “ Roommates” cast would she be most interested in dating. Whether she is more interested in Lee Dong Wook or Park Min Woo as a man, the.

I think Kang Joon and Min Woo are the two people who really got close thru this show. In fact, all the male casts except Seho seem to be not interested at all about dating anyone in the females. Seho is obviously trying to make connections in the industry.

It was not seen but it appears that Kang Joon has mentioned that he wants to be close with Chanyeol. Well, the Kang-Yeol Travel Agency was surely an opportunity for the both of them to become close. All thanks to childish Chanyeol.

As a member of 2NE1 Park Bom was banned from dating until two years ago, but even though the ban was lifted, it's not easy for a star of her. On SBS' variety program “Roommate,” 2NE1's Park Bom and actor Lee Dong Wook's marriage compatibility will be revealed. On a recently. Posts about Lee Dong Wook written by writernim. I think Park Bom and Min Woo's fake dating plan was suggested by the Roommate staff.

The way Kang Joon dances is really funny. Bom and Dara seem to be close with each other.

I think Kang Joon is generally a silent type of person. When the two 5Surprise came to the Roommate house, I thought they were like country bumpkins who visited Seoul for the first time. But the older was the worst one.

They obviously changed the content of episode I mean, where was the Sherlock Bommes episode? And I thought Baekhyun was visiting in Episode 10? She seems genuinely happy about meeting other people outside YG.

I thought it would be that entertaining to have Baekhyun in the Roommate house but apparently his visit was a little boring. I think it has a little to do with the editing. Honestly, one of the interesting things that can happen to Roommate is if they put the Park Siblings Chanyeol and Bom on a direct interaction.

Park Bom on Dong Wook: Maybe I'll really choose him

The way Roommate prepares an episode is not according to timeline. They prepared it according to a theme. They pick a theme and then edit their footages in view of their chosen theme. An advice for the Roommate staff, if they want good ratings, they should push hard to invite the whole of EXO in an episode. Haha… Chanyeol is obviously very competitive as seen in their mini games in Episode 8.

The Seho and Nana couple thingy feels a little too forced. But the Bom and Seho interaction is kind of cute and interesting. I mean you could even memorize all the names of your classmates in high school and even the name of the president of your country. The tour has been making its way around the region over the past few months. But flying around with such a hectic schedule has not been easy for the K-pop idols, especially for Dara.

The year-old says in English: "Everything about the tour has been fun so far. But I am afraid of flying, so it's difficult for me. Every time we have to fly, I feel scared. Group leader CL, 23, adds: "I guess it's harder for Dara and Minzy because they can't eat anything while on tour.

Together, Park Bom and Park Min Woo pretended to be dating, 2NE1's Park Bom blurted out a sudden confession to actor Lee Dong Wook. Park Bom mentioned a boyfriend in both Strong Heart and 2NE1TV. Is her Roommate cast member Lee Dong Wook the unknown boyfriend?. Park Bom on Dong Wook: Maybe I'll really choose him Bom, who had her dating ban lifted by her talent agency YG Entertainment two years.

They have to show off their flat stomachs on stage. CL says: "People always ask us how we've progressed since our debut. I feel that it just gets better every day. On the subject of dealing with haters, she coolly adds: "There will always be people who say negative stuff, we are used to it. Student Nur Tatiana, 17, says: "Their music is catchy and the lyrics are meaningful.

They are also style icons. The year-old, who queued up at 9am in the hope of catching a glimpse of her idols, says: "They are passionate about their music and very cool on stage. Yet, they are down-to-earth, funny and lovable. This article was first published on JUNE 29, Get The New Paper for more stories. Big crowd: Over 3, fans turned up at the mall to see their idols.

Jocelyn Lee. The New Paper.

Park bom and dong wook dating

Jul 01, Korean girl group 2NE1 in S'pore. K-pop girl fight. Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy policy. Toddler dies after mirror falls on her in fashion store at Jewel Changi Airport. City Harvest founder Kong Hee makes his first appearance in church since release from jail. Elva Hsiao makes year-old boyfriend Facebook official on her 40th birthday.

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