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Theo James Shailene Woodley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know .

Divergent: Theo James on Four and Tris Relationship (Exclusive Behind the Scene Featurette)

However, it looks like their onscreen romance has turned into a reality, as a report claims that the stars were spotted kissing. Shailene Woodley and Theo James' chemistry exudes in front of and behind the cameras. It isn't a wonder that "Divergent" fans are hoping to see them become a couple in real life. Dating rumors between Woodley and James continue to make rounds on the Internet despite the fact that these two are already committed to someone else. According to the outlet, James and Woodley were spotted having lunch at a restaurant in Hollywood. The "Allegiant" stars seemed very close together and were even spotted sharing a kiss while waiting for the bill.

While many fans were thrilled to hear progress in Theo James and Shailene Woodley's relationship, it would be wise to note that the above-mentioned report was only an April Fools' article.

However, both James and Woodley have been very vocal about their relationship in several interviews. In an interview with Fresno BeeJames admitted that he and Woodley hoped that their onscreen relationship did not seem fake to the audience.

Hopefully, we did that with this movie," said James. James also expressed excitement towards the last installment of the "Divergent" series entitled "Ascendant.

as Tris and Four in the recent film "Divergent" share a great chemistry. that the on-screen relationship of the actors will be true in real life. Theo James and Shailene Woodley ~ Tris & Four ~ Divergent. FAITH BE BRAVE The duo seem to have an equally strong connection in real life. imkpop . Theo James and Shailene Woodley are Hollywood's newest It couple and the two aren't even dating. Their natural chemistry and their mutual.

Elle magazine told James that Woodley declared him a great kisser, and he replied:. Their first kiss in Divergent was extremely passionate and intense.

Shailene Woodley has a long dating history. Who has Shailene Shailene Woodley Daren Kagasoff Dating Secret Life of the American Teenager. Photo by . This leads to speculation that it is a real relationship. This link has. Dating rumors have constantly plagued Theo James and Shailene Series" movie franchise as Tobias 'Four' Eaton and Beatrice 'Tris' Prior, respectively. " Divergent" fans are hoping to see them become a couple in real life.

James, 29, told MTV how he approached the lip lock:. I thought to assuage any awkwardness I would just go for it.

She was kind of batting away my hands. The pair used every opportunity they could to practice that fateful scene.

Movie Fanatic reported that James said:. I wanted to practice the kissing scene with Shai as much as possible. He told Elle that the romantic scenes were stronger because of their unique bond right from the start.

And you do things together to bond. You make the effort, you really do, because it does make things so much easier in the end. In a report from a sourceJames said that he "wanted to practice the kissing scene with Shai as much as possible," because they want to make the scene to look real, and not full of cheese, thus they have to get rid of the awkwardness.

Divergent All Deleted Scenes

Fans could not be blamed to assume that there is something going on with the "Divergent" stars. While promoting their film in various media outlets as well as on other appearances, the co-stars have been generous with PDA's; hugging each other on the red carpet, and James protectively covering Woodley with his arms on the private screening of the film in California back in March.

Whether the "Divergent" actors are growing feelings for one another, or they are "just friends," there are lot of the on-screen couple to be seen.

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