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Will & Grace - Jack Drops a Truth Bomb (Episode Highlight)

Just about every one of these risks has paid off, but there is one storyline that Season 10 seems to be teasing that should never, ever come to pass. A Will and Jack relationship is the last thing that this still-progressive show needs to happen. There have been several hints that the two characters might actually belong together, and the most obvious one yet came in the Jan. In "Family, Trip," Will and Jack wind up accidentally taking some psychedelic drugs that Will's students left in his apartment, as they thought it was chocolate milk. They end up on a wild trip full of hallucinations and drug-induced realizations — the main one being that they are actually each other's soulmates.

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Kevin Bacon as himself. Harry Connick, Jr. as Leo Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie When her ex-husband Marvin "Leo" Markus (Harry Connick, Jr.) shows up and Karen and Jack grow tired of the fact that Will and Grace are not speaking Kohan and Mutchnick joined long-time director James Burrows on the set as. Will and Jack wake up in the same bed on the boat and panic. Grace is already panicking because Leo forgot a bag on the boat and she found Dr. Morty's love. And, finally, the romantic potential between Will Truman and Jack McFarland is finally Could Jack finally end up with his best friend? (Image: When does The Durrells series three start, who is in the cast and where is it set?.

Will and Jack go to visit Will's mother, Marilyn, after her divorce and find her moping around in the dark drinking wine and not bathing. They take her to see Mamma Mia on Broadway and cheer her up, but then she dreads going back home.

Will and jack hook up

Jack has the great idea of having Marilyn move in with Will for a while, and even though Will thinks it's a terrible idea, he can't say no when he sees how much his mom perks up at the idea.

Jack gets a one-line part in an off-Broadway play starring James Earl Jones, but when the director likes Jack's delivery better than James's, James Earl Jones finds himself studying in Jack's acting class.

Grace trails after a woman and her trainer at the gym so that she can make use of the trainer without having to pay for it. Will and his mother are both sick of living together, but neither wants to say it to the other.

Finally, they admit their feelings, and Marilyn decides to move back home that night, but in the process of moving she twists her ankle and Will finds himself having to care for his wheelchair-bound mother for a few more weeks. Will is frustrated by still having to take care of his mother who is in a wheelchairbut when he meets a cute guy Dylan McDermott in the park who is also wheeling his infirm mother around, he forces Marilyn to stay even when she's able to get around on her own.

Will finally goes out on a date with the cute stranger from the park, but it turns out that he's a big freak that can't be away from his mother for even an evening. Karen hunts down an L. Finster at a local hotel, and goes there to confront her rival, Lorraine. Instead, Karen meets Lorraine's dapper father, Lyle John Cleesewho immediately takes a liking to Karen and convinces her to make out with him even though she claims to hate him. Karen has to get a physicalbut she ends up with an extremely unorthodox doctor Jack Black.

Grace calls from yet another fast-food restaurant in Cambodia. Jack meets a cute male nurse and enrolls in nursing school.

After he demands that Karen and Will support his dream and pay his tuition, he drops out, deciding to be a surfer instead. Will and Karen go to the nursing school to get the tuition back, and find out that nursing was something that Jack was actually good at.

Since coming back on-air in , Will & Grace has taken several bold new risks: In "Family, Trip," Will and Jack wind up accidentally taking some out to have been a set up for them winding up together romantically, it will. The sixth season of Will & Grace premiered on September 25, and concluded on April 29, Jack and Will wake up naked in bed together and aren't sure what happened. Each decides Leo gets an offer to set up a clinic in Cambodia, and he is itching to go, but realizes that if he left he would make Grace miserable. According to Jack, Daniel passed out when he came out to him, at which point he had to perform CPR. Once as a kid, Jack set up a manicure stand at the end of.

Jack's friends convince him to seriously give nursing a try. Grace comes back from Cambodia, ostensibly for her mother's 50th birthday party, but she later admits to Will that she's back for good. Her being in Cambodia with Leo wasn't working out, and there's something wrong with their marriage. She's going to stay in New York and wait for him to be done with his assignment in Cambodia.

Will offers to let her move in with him again, and she happily accepts. Jack has a new tough teacher in nursing school, and when she makes Jack sad, Karen threatens her, guaranteeing Jack an A.

However, when Jack starts coasting and skipping classes, he soon realizes that he actually misses his classes and studying. Everyone goes out to a restaurant, but when they can't get their table for 5, because Will's date hasn't shown up, Grace grabs a stranger from the bar so that their "entire party" is there and they can get seated. Will meets a woman Kali Rocha at the bar who thinks he's cute, so he flirts with her to make himself feel better after getting stood-up.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the stranger Grace grabbed is actually a guy she randomly made out with in a bar in her early '20s, and she flirts with him in order to make herself feel better about her crumbling marriage. Will is horrified by what Grace is doing, and tells her companion that she's married. Grace is equally horrified by what Will is doing, and tells his companion that he's gay.

Grace and Will's dates leave together. At one point, they team up, and play a practical joke on Jack, making him think that Candice needs the Heimlich maneuver which he recently learned in nursing school. Guest star — Candice Bergen.

Will is excited to be first in line for Barry Manilow ticketsand asks Grace to hold his place while he runs across the street to use the bathroom. Grace is shocked to see her mother, who cancelled their annual Hanukkah shopping trip, having dinner at a nearby restaurant with Jack.

Grace calls Karen and gets her to hold Will's place in line while she confronts her mother. Meanwhile, Will snubs a guy who is hitting on him only to later find out that he is Barry Manilow's tour manager, and can get him backstage to meet the man himself. Will does some serious ass-kissing, and promises to go on a date with the guy in Philadelphia, in order to meet his idol.

Grace realizes that she actually does want to spend time with her mother, and is jealous that her mother is choosing to spend time with Jack instead.

Will & Grace - Grace Brings the Gang Down (Highlight)

Karen realizes she likes Barry Manilow's music. Jeff Greenstein. Grace's screw-up sister Janet Geena Davis comes to town, and when she decides to crash at Will and Grace's apartment and sponge off them while she gets her celebrity jewelry line going, Grace finally yells at her and tells her to get a real job and her own apartment.

Grace is amazed when, just a few weeks later, Janet has a studio apartment, a job at Ann Taylor, a new look, and cooks a fabulous dinner for Grace and her friends. Unlike Will and Jack, Grace can't seem to be happy for her sister, and finally she admits that she likes having screw-up sisters, because then she gets to be the normal one. Janet tells Grace that this was all Will's doing, and Will admits that he thought Grace wanted a normal sister, so he tried to make Janet normal.

Grace is touched that Will would go through so much trouble for her, and is relieved to hear that Janet got fired from her job at Ann Taylor because she was drunk on the job. Meanwhile, Lyle Finster hunts down Karen, and tells her he wants her, but she blows him off.

However, when Lorraine shows up and tells Karen to keep her dirty paws off her father, Karen runs straight to Lyle's bed and arranges for Lorraine to find them in a compromising position. Lyle tells Karen that he's in love with her, so Karen admits that she slept with him just to annoy Lorraine. Karen tells Lyle that she has fallen for him as well, but Lyle feels used and kicks Karen out of his hotel room. Will goes to an art opening and meets a handsome older man, Alan, who is a rich plastic surgeon.

He is surprised when Alan buys him one of the paintings at the opening, and then as they begin to spend more time together, Alan buys him more and more extravagant gifts, including a horse and a Western outfit to go with it.

Grace points out to Will that he has a sugar daddy, while Jack bemoans his lack of a sugar daddy.

"The Wedding"

Will confronts Alan, who plays hurt and makes Will feel bad for assuming the worst, but Will later finds Alan with a brand new boy toy at another art opening. Grace discovers a great Asian noodle place near her office, but when she drops her take-out and they won't replace it for free, she decides to boycott the place and get all her friends to boycott it too.

Sometimes the show still works, like Jack and Karen getting hooked collecting items for a scavenger hunt, and Jack hooking up with one of. Dames at Sea is the 1st episode of the sixth season and th overall. Grace finds Dr. Morty's love letter for her husband and decides to sail for Guatemala. Karen and Rosario return to the yacht after being pushed off of it. Do Will and Jack get together on Will and Grace reboot. is going to be one big build up to Will and Jack finally falling in love with each other.

Luckily, Jack and Karen ignore her, and she finally realizes that the noodles are just too good to stay away. Will has a new client, Stuart, that meets Jack and wants to be set up with him, so Will bribes Jack into going out with him.

When Stuart starts including Jack in the negotiations to sell his company, and follows Jack's ridiculous advice, Will blurts out that he bribed Jack. Both Jack and Stuart end up hurt, so Will figures out a way to get them back together.

Debra Messing, who plays Grace, said it was "cordoned off like an accident scene. It was a shock to see parts of it gone already. Messing took the door to Grace's office; she wanted to lean it up against the wall at her house as a piece of modern art. The cast members of the show took the news about the show ending well. Hayes said: "I'm proud of being a part of something in history and I'm proud to have been given a platform to make people laugh.

I think people will be quite surprised," McCormack said.

Ultimately, [the episode] was done beautifully and it ties up loose ends for all of the characters in a way that's wonderful. Since airing, the episode has received mixed reviews from television critics. There were some moments where I did laugh out loud, but they were few. Some critics criticized the finale for putting the action in several different time periods. Jennifer Armstrong of Entertainment Weekly said "we endure a swirl of confusing, unnecessary sequences, from Grace's dream to current reality to two years later to their kids' first day of college to their kids' impending wedding.

By the end, instead of being sad to bid adieu, we're just relieved not to have yet another disbelief-suspending flash-forward thrust upon us. That there is no way their friendship could have been sustained once they both found the love of their life? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. USA Today. Retrieved Lions Gate Entertainment. May 12, BBC News. The Standard.

Daily News. Archived from the original on September 5, The Seattle Times. The Dallas Morning News. And it's amazing what the writers got away with".

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