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'Glee': Shock hook-ups and reunions

5x14 Kurt and Blaine Talk/Kiss scene

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The breathless gasp leaves Kurt before he can stop it and his eyes narrow in competition. Blaine just smirks and leans in to kiss him again, pushing them away from the wall and onto the bed. Blaine closes his eyes and imagines sinking back down on the bed, Kurt lying on top of him.

He climbs off the bed and begins looking for his shirt as Kurt zips up and rebuttons his jeans.

He watches Blaine for a moment before sitting up and throwing the curtains open. Am I going to see you again before you leave? Kurt winces at his word choice, hates and loves that Blaine knows him so well. Rolls out of bed to look for his clothes.

Not exclusively but enough. Are you… are you gonna tell him about this?

Kurt and blaine hook up

Blaine makes a noncommittal noise and Kurt does one last check around the room to make sure he has everything. But when he turns around to do it, Blaine looks just as sad and lost as Kurt feels that his anger dies as quickly as it was born.

I miss talking to you and being there for you and this, I miss lying with you in bed. I miss waking up with you in my arms. Blaine tenses, then lets go of Kurt.

But as long as Blaine keeps bringing up their past, Kurt feels like he can use that card. Not yet. Believe me, I know.

In the next scene, Finn is pinning up posters for Rachel's campaign and The scene switches back to the boys, where Kurt tells Blaine to feel. We've known for a few weeks now that Blaine (Darren Criss) cheated on Kurt ( Chris Colfer) by hooking up with some guy he met on Facebook. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Maybe…call Adam. Finally, Kurt looks at him.

The second half of Glee Season 4 returns on January 24, after breaking our hearts when director Ryan Murphy decided to break-up Kurt and. 'Glee': Shock hook-ups and reunions at Will's wedding in 'I Do'. Love Tina's angry that Kurt and Blaine have been enjoying gaspworthy heavy.

You scare me more than this thing with dad because I expected a lot of things to hurt me, Blaine, but never you. And then Kurt is jumping at him, smashing their lips together and pushing Blaine back into the house. They start to tug off clothes once they cross the threshold into his room and when they finally fall onto the bed, they do so naked, laughing quietly between them.

Still sees the man down the aisle, the man at the breakfast table, the man he falls asleep to every night. Blaine groans above him, kisses him deeply as he follows soon after. He takes a while to pull out but when he does, Kurt immediately rolls over, determined to keep their bodies close, this feeling of warmth back in his heart. I need you to be patient with me. Rachel rises to his challenge, cranking up the heat of the scene until its bubbling over with sexual tension.

No argument here. As the two sing 'We've Got Tonight', the various couples of Glee retire to their rooms at the hotel.

Some of the pairings are expected - Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine, Jake and Marley - some are not - Artie and a wheelchair-bound blonde who's been horrendous to him all evening and, amazingly, Quinn and Santana. While not all of their nights go according to plan - Marley still isn't ready to lose her virginity and Rachel returns to Brody while Finn's sleeping - the story of each couple is, for want of a better word, gratifying in its own way.

Blaine and Eli’s Hookup on Glee: What Exactly Happened?

Back at McKinley, Tina accepts her role as chief hag to Blaine and Kurt, who are still not quite back together, Artie gets the digits of his two-wheeled lover, while Marley figures out that Ryder was behind Jake's Valentine's gestures, and gets a kiss from him as a final present. OK, what is it about that school that makes people impulsively want to kiss their best friend's girl?

For the episode's closing number the group cover Ellie Goulding's 'Anything Can Happen', and it's the most fitting song choice for a long time.

It really does feel like anything could happen from here - Will Marley stick with Jake and Ryder? Will Mr Schuester and Finn be able to run the glee club effectively when one's just had his heart broken? And, most tantalisingly of all, who is the father of Rachel's baby?

Seriously, Glee that was a cliffhanger and a half. The Valentine's ep is suitably loved-up, and slushly, but best of all, it's a bit of a thinker.

I mean, we're not entirely sure how we feel about Emma and Rachel's actions this episode. Jilting someone at a wedding is bad enough, but jilting someone at a wedding on Valentine's Day? That's pretty dark.

And as for Rachel's juggling of Finn and Brody, well, that's a bit questionable too.

At least she's honest with what she's been doing, as opposed to Brody, who's shown to have told a big, fat, seedy lie about being alone for Valentine's Day, but still At the end of the day though, we like to be challenged, and having these likeable characters act out a bit and show their dark sides does just that. It's nice not to be able to snooze through another episode of Glee. On the one hand it comes pretty much out of nowhere and, like last week's cramming together of Emma and Finn, it seems like their hook-up was just written in as part of a mission to get literally everybody in the club into each other's pants.

Hooked up in I Do Kurt and Blaine make up in Thanksgiving, and then as a Christmas present, Burt brings Blaine to New York in Glee, Actually, and, while ice. In which Blaine loses Kurt, Kurt loses Blaine and eventually finds him again. " It was just a hook-up," Kurt told him quietly but firmly, the. Seen only in text messages, Eli is the mystery man whom Blaine admitted to Kurt about being with and caused the much-loved Glee gays to.

But the frenemies' progression from some eye-rolling, bitch-lite banter to tipsily tumbling into bed together is at least done in a way that seems plausible, and it's in keeping with their shared devilish streaks. Plus, you know, it's pretty hot.

Glee - Kurt and Blaine talk about sex 3x05

And while we're niggling, personally, we would have rather not seen Finn and Rachel give into each other just yet. We kind of like the idea of playing the waiting game with them, for their inevitable reunion to crop up in some episode less obvious than the Valentine's Day special.

But overall, 'I Do' was a lovely, sudsy, juicy instalment of Glee that, as we said, has so many exciting story strands set up that we're looking forward to the next instalment probably more than any other this season.

How appropriate for a Valentine's episode to make us crush hard on Glee again.

What do you think of this week's Glee?

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