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Is hot water heater hooked up properly?

How Does a Geothermal System Work?

Remember Me? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Is hot water heater hooked up properly? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Is hot water heater hooked up properly? Just found out, that this is the first unit our contractor has installed in a residence versus his commerical installations. Found problems with his installation and are questioning whether the HWH is hooked up properly.

Gas and propane water heaters will recover much faster than an electric one and consequently can be sized smaller than a slower recovery electric tank.

Many tank manufacturers have guides for sizing based on the number of occupants and other uses. As stated in 1 a 50 gal unpowered tank is generally sufficient for the first tank. It can depending on many factors run time, EWT, heating or cooling mode, unit capacity and water usage.

A desuperheater can only supplement or assist a fully functioning hot water system. Depending on your climate, there may be many months when it will not provide any hot water at all. You have already paid for the desuperheater. Compare the price of a tank and some piping to, a dedicated geo hot water system if your ground loop can support it to see if it is worth it to you. Lots of info here in Tetco Manual pages Thank you very much for the detailed response, this clears things up a lot for me.

The plan is to get rid of my current propane water heater, so I will just end up getting two new electric ones. Thanks again for the help! This is an older thread but some things came up that delayed my ability to move forward with this.

Geothermal hot water heater hook up

Now, i'm back hoping to make some changes to my water heating. I still plan on connecting a 50 gallon storage tank to my heatpump via a desuperheater, but has anyone used a tankless electric for the finishing tank?

My plumber i'm working with asked if that was an option, and I guess I don't see why not, but I wanted to see if anyone used that before vs using another 50 gallon electric tank as the finishing tank. Keep in mind i'm eliminating propane from my house so electric is my only option. I have used a propane tankless to finish DHW.

FHP GS hookup to water heater

Mark CustisMar 30, I second Arkie's advice. Dual Fifties should be an ideal setup. The 2nd downstream finishing 50 should be set as low as feasible. Look for the "Bergey" plumbing diagram here. Insulate all accessible pipes associated with the system. Thank you all!

Here is Bergy's diagram. Bergy DSH plumbing. ChrisJMar 31, Last edited: Dec 12, AdamGoldApr 2, So I just talked to my plumber and he said I can't use a hot water heater because code won't allow a water heater to connect to a heat pump.

DOMESTIC HOT WATER DESUPERHEATER. PUMP MODULE . adjacent to the geothermal unit or storage tank/water heater (see Figures 3. Thread: Help with connecting Geo to hot water heater I had a geothermal system installed for the heating and cooling of the house, Geothermal hot water heater. WaterFurnace geothermal storage tanks, available in 80 or gallon capacities, to connect a water heater in series as shown in the diagram. HOT. COLD.

He said there is a chance for cross contamination if something inside the heat pump would break, the anti-freeze in the closed loop system could leak into the water going into the pre-heat tank. Is everyone going against code to make this work? Or is my local plumber confused? He is somewhat right, but he is also confused. Seems like some people have special water heaters, others have 2 water heaters, other seem to just have one.

Water comes in from a well, and we dump what comes out into a pond although that may change. We have an 80 gallon electric water heater, nothing fancy, probably the cheapest 80 gallon the builder could find.

Connecting Geo to Hot water Heater

I don't know what other information you might need? Any information would be very appreciated. Thank you, --Carlos. Carlos, This is what's needed for a Desuperheater hook up.

My geo system has a desuperheater pump and I would like to get an electric hotwater heater(s) and connect it into my geosystem, problem is. Oct My geo system has a desuperheater pump and I would like to get an electric hotwater heater(s) and connect it into my geosystem, problem is. So if you install a geothermal heat pump, you'll save between 50 and 60% on your domestic hot water costs. Let's split the difference and.

Twin Electric Piping for Geothermal Desuperheater. BergyAug 15, If your Geo does not have a desuperheater factory installed you are at a dead end. Unless you want to pay a LOT to have one installed.

I don't think I would even take on such a project Agreed - retrofitting is a huge effort.

$1500 Heat Pump Water Heater - Worth it?

I tried running that model to see if a DSH is included, but no luck. Don't know why but I'm not getting emails about replies. Anyways, here are some pics, it shows the two pipes in use right now as well as two other holes open for connections and a switch. Before I go too much further, will I need a professional for this? I can do pex, pvc, and most other diy things but I haven't done cooper yet except for those push connectors nor am I looking forward to it.

I can easily hire someone if it is really going to save me money on heating. The hvac guy who did this house said that it needs to water heaters but I hear from a lot of my neighbors that they don't have two water heaters. Anyways let me know what you think. Thank you. The plastic plugs suggest that the cabinet faces are all stamped for DSH but then plugged on systems not ordered with DSH.

WE just had installed a Carrier GT-PX geothermal unit and had it hooked up to our hot water heater (HWH). Just found out, that this is the first.

I guess your system does not have DSH Palace GeoThermalAug 21, If you are not able to put a parts list together from the drawing I uploaded perhaps hiring a contractor would be the better part of valor.

BergyAug 21, Assuming for now you have DSH, then you could put together the external components from Bergy's diagram. If that is too daunting, engage a knowledgeable contractor.

Recommendations PEX is not recommended. Can burst under the heat from the circulating pump in certain circumstances. Pulling out the bottom of the tank can introduce debris in to your pump and heat pump. But it can be done that way.

Buffer, for efficiency, is generally the same size if not larger than the domestic.

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