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Tom Clancys The Division 2 MatchMaking Walkthrough

Division 2 raid matchmaking has been a point of contention for most of The Division 2 community since the Division 2 raid launched over a month ago. Unlike the standard missions and strongholds in the game where you can search for players to complete it with, there's nothing similar for the Division 2 raid matchmaking. Players need to find a group of like-minded folk via different means to complete the raid with, rather than simply searching for a lobby to join. Massive has previously said this is because the raid is so tough and requires a lot of communication to complete it, but we spoke to them more at E3 and they said they're "working on solutions" to Division 2 raid matchmaking:. I would hate for players to be thrown into traditional matchmaking schemes for something as hard as what our raid is and so it needs to be treated with care. I'm happy we've taken the approach we have and I'm looking forward to getting the solution out there so more players can play.

Id like to know as well, I just bought it during the winter sale and want to team up with some folks for casual tactical play but matchmaking takes forever or doesnt work at all.

The Division - Basics guide and matchmaking tips

If anyone knows of a good group or wants to play, shoot me a message. I just sent you all a request if you wanna play sometimes.

4 days ago The Division 2 has been keeping players coming back for more since the game Raid has story difficulty and matchmaking in pTS from r/thedivision PLEASE NOTE: Effective as of November 22, your use and our. The Division - Basics guide and matchmaking tips. By Lola at Thursday, Matchmaking: Join players that are already in game and about to start a mission. Go to the . By MarcoCocomello at Comments. Massive doesn't want to lower the difficulty for console players, but they are looking for ways to fix Division 2 raid matchmaking.

I just got the game too and am coming over from PS4 after almost a year from the game. One trick is to try the matchmaking board in the safehouses instead of the one in your character screen.

decided to buy the game and boy is there a lot to soak in I have a lot more questions than just that but for now I'm confused at how it operates. The Division 2's raid is coming, but it will not have matchmaking, which is surprising many players who assumed it would have it. However I'm a bit concerned that when trying to find players for matchmaking missions, Use the Division discord or other means to group up with players. 14 .

Someones if one isn't working the other one will Generally the matchmaking system is pretty good. One thing to note is most of the playerbase is level 30 not everyone is of course just most people.

The division matchmaking 2018

Garavar View Profile View Posts. I couldn't match make a game from Level 1 to 30 and Tier 2 to 4.

I'm concerned I'll struggle with later missions don't know if that'll be the case if the difficulty ramps up to insane levels. I'm not finding solo play too tough at the moment, my mechanics are pretty good and I'm breezing through early missions, encounters and side missions.

Just wondering if I should give up hope regarding the matchmaker ever finding people to play with? To add to this, open up your chat filter and make sure map chat is on.

A majority of the time, there's always someone willing to help out. Hell, throw a quick, "need some help with missions" in chat, and more often than not people will bite, at least in my experience. As others have said, most players are max level already and running end game content. Still fairly easy to find a group via matchmaking at that level some exceptions, of course, as it definitely skews towards a smaller subset of content. What others haven't said is that grouping up while leveling isn't all that necessary or useful.

The bonus rewards for harder difficulty will all be trash by the next mission and you don't get enough extra XP to offset the longer time it takes to do the mission, especially if you count time spent matchmaking.

It only takes one or two levels over the suggested mission level to make it a breeze. Of course, its a game, games are supposed to be fun, and it can be more fun playing with a group, but it's not necessary.

Okay thanks, I usually try and out-level content in RPG's anyway, so I was thinking I'd be doing the same here to make things easier. I'll give that a go!

Jan 6, @ pm. How is matchmaking in division. Loved the game but hated the matchmaking and sold the game after launch the. Is anyone else finding it very hard to get into matchmaking for any mode? Last edited by GunsForBucks; Jan 8, @ am. #6. DpG4Me. Last edited by KayyFTW; at AM. Well so i see no point for me to back To this game if matchmaking is empty. bu't i'm lvl gear and can't find anyone to play via matchmaking, byebye division for us!).

I'm going to be at 30 within the next day or so. Not a big deal to me,just wanted to help this guy out if possible. Yep, PC player here. The Safe Houses seem pretty active, but everyone is max level it seems to be expected given the game's age. Just little nooby me running around.

The main story to level 30 can be done solo very easily. I have only done the main campaign solo. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 8 Jan, am.

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The Division - Team Mechanics and Matchmaking

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