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Callie and Aaron's Relationship on "The Fosters" Is the First Trans Romance on a Teen Drama

The Fosters - Season 3, Episode 16 Sneak Peek: Callie & AJ Dating - Freeform

But the two want to do different things, since Jude is planning to play video games, while Noah wants to do something else. Noah is also heard threatening Jude in the trailer, saying that if he continues playing video games, he will smoke weed once again. But Jude will not only deal with his relationship with Noah in the upcoming episode. According to the synopsis , Jude will work with his sister Mariana Cierra Ramirez on their underground school paper. Mariana will notice that her sister is doing everything to look good for the upcoming event. This is not a surprise, since this will be Callie's next chance of finding happiness after her failed relationship with AJ Tom Williamson and her forbidden affair with her adoptive brother Brandon David Lambert. In the trailer, Lena admits that she is very worried about his temper especially after Jesus decided to barge into Brandon's room and destroyed everything in sight.

The moment was tense until Callie defended her new boyfriend. Aaron is a man," she said, going on to call him "a wonderful, caring, brave person basically the best guy I know.

Callie tells him that she can't date her foster brother. As a result, they agree to wait until Mike fosters AJ to discuss a romantic relationship. If Mike fosters AJ, then. Fosters EP on 'Emotional' Series Finale, Resolving 'Brallie' and Spinoff Plans. By Vlada . TVLINE | Is Callie ready to start dating again now?. I was really interested in emotionally not building emotional barbs, but that is not feeling well. If who is callie dating in the fosters you don t care of the times but.

Callie showing her support for Aaron. And based on a tweet from The Fostersit looks like Callie and Aaron's chemistry isn't just "a road trip thing. NOT a road trip thing. That kind of comes out and I think she doesn't really know her boundaries in terms of that.

Ultimately, I think it brings them closer. He does appreciate the fact that she's sticking up for him and that she is open-minded, and does accept him fully. Representation matters. Their connection reminds viewers including trans teens and people who have never met an openly trans person that it's totally normal for trans people to fall in love just like cis people do.

This is the kind of TV that is literally changing and saving lives. This isn't me being excited and exaggerating. To have this trans character become a love interest for the non-trans HERO of the show On so many other shows, trans people are non-recurring guest stars.

Callie and Aaron took their relationship to a new level on this week's episode of The And based on a tweet from The Fosters, it looks like Callie and Aaron's chemistry isn't Signs That Zendaya and Tom Holland Are Dating. As with all The Fosters episodes, this one didn't hold back on the drama. Mariana may Cole is surprised to find out that Callie is dating Aaron. The Fosters.

They're in prison. They're dealing with hardships that are very real.

Brandon admits that he's worried they might be moving too fast and that he doesn't want to make the same mistakes with Grace as he did with Cortney.

Jesus is worried that Emma didn't tell him about the baby because she knew he would have wanted to keep it. Emma tries to tell him that as it was her body, her choice, and that she wasn't ready to have a baby or give one up for adoption. She goes on to say that she can't be with Jesus if he feels angry or betrayed by what she did, and that he needs to stop tormenting Brandon as he was only trying to help him.

Callie and Aaron's Relationship on "The Fosters" Is the First Trans Romance on a Teen Drama

Callie admits that she took some advice from Cole, but Aaron can't understand why she wouldn't just ask him. He goes on to say he's not ready to have sex with Callie because he needs to know that he can trust her, and that he's worried he's just a rebound after AJ.

Inside The Fosters' Groundbreaking Callie-Aaron Sex Scene to see a trans character date a main character, let alone have sex on screen. He finally allowed the Fosters to adopt Callie in the season 2 finale, "The End .. The doorbell rings and Callie goes on her date with Wyatt but not before Lena. "The Fosters" EP Joanna Johnson answers burning questions about the occasion for more than just Callie and Brandon during The Fosters' two-hour . since he was 15 and she was 16, when they first started dating.

Callie tells Aaron that she is sick of boys telling her how complicated she is and storms out. She tells AJ that he made her feel like his cheating on her was her fault.

She goes on to tell AJ that because she is seeing Aaron, she just wants things to be clean between them. AJ, however, tells her that he will not take the blame for something that wasn't entirely his fault.

Brandon tells Jesus that if he is patient, he'll be able to come back from his injury, and that just because things won't be the same doesn't mean they won't be okay.

Jesus says he just needs to convince Emma of that and they hug it out. Our boys are back, guys.

She assures him that he's not just a rebound. She goes on to say that while she is over AJ, she's not over how badly he hurt her -- which is why she's not ready for her and Aaron to have sex either. When they are ready, Callie tells Aaron that she will probably need to ask him questions without worrying that he'll get mad at her for saying the wrong thing.

Aaron assures her that she can ask him anything, and they kiss and make up. In order to go back to school, Stef tells him that after doing some assessments to see where he's at, he will probably need to get a paraprofessional -- an educational aid who will go with Jesus to his classes. Jesus doesn't take this well and decides that he could work with Gabe instead of going back to school.

The mamas try and tell him that that isn't an option, but Jesus storms out before they can say anything else.

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AJ tries to play dumb but Ana tells him that she told Mike everything. AJ says that they're going to be one big happy family.

Who is callie dating on the fosters

Meanwhile, Cortney tells Brandon that she is in between apartments at the moment. Brandon tells her that she can stay with them while Gabe is out of town. This won't drive a rift between him and Grace, will it?

Catch up on the latest The Fosters episodes here on Freeform. The Fosters. What was your favorite moment from the episode? Tell us in the comments.

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