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Practical Tips for Optimal Liver Health for Men

If you take good care of your car that drives you towards your destination, why do you neglect the well-being of your liver which drives your normal body functions?

You only get one body to take you through this journey called life. Do not neglect it by neglecting your liver and your well man check.

This rugby-sized bilobed organ is responsible for carrying out several essential tasks in the body, including 

  • Destruction of old RBCs
  • Fibrinogen production
  • Stores excess glucose
  • Detoxification of blood
  • Metabolism of drugs
  • Synthesis of several enzymes

In case of any damage to the liver, the whole body ceases its functionality. Unfortunately, you cannot replace your liver easily like any spare part of your car! The only way to keep it working is to take care of it!


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Steps to Keep Your Liver Active and Healthy!

Indeed, no one wants to compromise on the health of any essential organ, which can lead to complexities in all body systems. Hence following ways can keep your liver at the top of its performance!

1 – Say Goodbye to Alcohol

If you only drink at parties and keep an eye on the number of glasses you drink, you still have a chance to develop cirrhosis. However, you can slowly poison the liver even if you drink according to the permissible level. Your liver becomes damaged because alcohol changes the chemicals that break down and remove scar tissue. Scar tissue can therefore be freely built up in the liver replacing normal, healthy cells. This can lead to liver failing to function properly severely impacting your health.

Those who don’t put on a full stop at the bar or parties usually develop lesions on their liver which later turn into scars! You’ve been warned.

man refusing alcohol from three people

2 – Hepatitis is the New Challenge

The viral disease is a severe threat to the well-being of your liver. This disease is transmitted through contact with faecal matter, contaminated water, unsafe sexual contact, blood transfusion, mother to offspring, and unsterilized or contaminated syringes and surgical equipment.

However, the diagnosis is simple through a well man check. Once you get screened, you better look for anti-viral drugs to control the growth of the virus. If the well man check shows no hepatitis A B, and C virus is found, you better hurry for vaccination against them.

3 – Healthy Diet Plan

When cholesterol builds up, fat comes along with it, making your body look more fatty and damages your liver’s health. In addition, the spike in cholesterol level leads to the formation of gall stones. The stone blocks the passage of bile towards the intestine.

The increased level of bile in the duct causes jaundice, and you start looking like a pale leaf! Hence you better eat fresh fruits and avoid oily and processed junk foods to maintain your cholesterol level.

4 – Read the Prescription

As mentioned earlier, the liver is the site of the metabolism of several drugs. In addition, the liver frees the body from toxic material!

You may be using a drug to treat other disorders of your body, but the drug is also imparting gruesome impacts on your liver! Drugs with active ingredients, including Tylenol, Amoxicillin, and Risperidone are usually hepatotoxic.

Therefore you better consult with your doctor before you start consuming a drug, or better read the prescription of it to check the ingredients.

5 – Avoid Pesticides

Can you imagine how the toxicity of a chemical for your liver that can kill insects? Several toxins are used as pesticides but are also harmful to the liver. Hence, you better use masks and gloves when such chemicals are used around you!


To live a healthy life, you need to keep your liver happy. The best possible way to keep your liver active and efficient is to follow the ways mentioned above!