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Improving website navigation is a web designer’s most coveted web design tip. Navigation is one of the many things that a designer must consider while designing a website. This includes placement of images, colours, text etc. The importance of designing an e-business website with effective navigation can not be overstated. Another web designers tip for improving website design and usability is to use CTAs in the HTML. A CTA is a short sentence or phrase at the end of a web page. It usually carries the link to the rest of the content of the website. A well designed CTA can get the visitor to explore the rest of the website. This will help in getting a higher ranking on search engines.

Key Changes

A good web designer should always use a pop up CTA in the website design to improve website performance and user engagement. While creating a pop up CTA the designer has to consider various things like how long the pop up will remain on the screen, whether the visitor will get distracted by other pop ups and links and what kind of content the pop up will contain. Other things that affect the success of a pop up CTA include the appearance of the pop up, the color of the pop up, the size of the pop up, how visible it is and where it is located on the page.

There are numerous ways to improve website design and online business performance. Using appropriate colors, smooth fonts, and providing sufficient spacing can help in creating an appealing interface. Using drop down menus in the web design can improve navigation. These menus provide quick information in the form of buttons to the users. These are extremely user friendly and a great way to get the visitor’s attention.


A third tip that can help a web designer to improve website design and online business performance is to make use of CTAs. A CTA is a short sentence or a block of text at the end of a web page. The main purpose of a CTA is to bring the visitor back to the main content of the web page. The text of a CTA should be catchy, interesting and immediately understandable. The text can be made to load faster as a result of use of proper spacing and color coding.


The web design tips mentioned above focus mainly on improving load time, reducing bandwidth usage and reducing page duplication. However, there are many other things that affect page load time and the overall navigation. A good navigation system is essential in a site because visitors have to go through various levels of navigation to reach the desired information. This means that a website structure should be developed that makes navigation easy.