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The ICA – Towards an Effective and Effectual Communication System

International Communication, the art and science of communicating across national boundaries, particularly through networks of communication technology, information exchange and interaction, is considered as one of the largest and most influential international communication activities today. The International Communication Association (ICOA), a globally-recognized nonprofit organization, unites over 150 different languages and has formed close ties with many other international communication agencies and organizations. ICA was designed to promote the highest levels of communication expertise and standards in international communication worldwide. The association is divided into six main areas: Communication, Translation, Multilingual and Cultures, Technical Translation, Cultural Translation and Writing. While each of these areas have its own unique contribution to making the world a better place, there is one common thing among them, and that is the need to improve and enrich the quality of communication across boundaries.

International Communication Collaboration

During the last two years, the International Communication Association held their annual meeting in New York. A major feature of the meetings is the ” Poster presented” competition, which brings various posters from around the world to be displayed at the annual meeting of the ICA. The winner of this competition usually receives an award and it can also be used as a marketing or promotional tool. In addition to the ” Poster presented ” exhibition, there is also an extensive range of topics, which are frequently discussed at the meeting, ranging from the history and development of the concept of international communication, the benefits of cooperation, the role of media, and issues facing today’s international communication environment. These are some of the topics that are commonly tackled at the meeting.

On top of all the important talks and discussions, ICA also hosts several seminars and workshops, some of which are actually carried out in New York itself. Some of these seminars and workshops are extremely interesting and provide a comprehensive insight on the current trends and developments taking place within the industry. Other important events include special events such as the ICA Annual Meeting in New York’s Times Square, the Annual Meeting and Exhibition in London, the ICA Annual Meeting in Geneva and the Global Media Meeting and Exhibition in Toronto. All these seminars and workshops are meant to provide the members of ICA with valuable insights and a greater understanding of the challenges being faced by the organization.

Future Changes And Discussions

Apart from these seminars, ICA also organizes several events and conferences, which bring together experts from all over the world. This makes it possible for ICA members from various parts of the world to share ideas and experiences on international communication, and understand and resolve some of the most critical communication challenges facing the organization. All of these conferences and events are meant to contribute towards a better understanding and improved solutions for all communication related issues.

However, the ICA believes that the solution to all ICA member issues related to international communication issues lies in a combination of practical measures and creative efforts. To implement its ideas, the ICA has developed a set of organizational policies and guidelines. These are primarily aimed at improving the quality of communication that is used and received within the organization. The policies and guidelines also set down the ways in which the organization can deal with the existing communication issues and ensure that they do not hamper the smooth functioning of the organization in the future. To achieve this end, the organization has made a number of changes to its current system, including the introduction of a new ICA system, namely the Multi-Channel Web initiative.


As part of the Multi Channel Web initiative, a new version of the ICA logo was introduced in order to provide a more effective representation of the ICA. This logo has three rings, which represent the different levels of board memberships, which have been elected to participate in ICA meetings. The other important change that has been made is the increased involvement of the members in all areas of the organization. These changes have resulted in a better inter-organizational relationship and a more cohesive team approach.