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The Role Of A Conveyancing Solicitor

A conveyancing solicitor deals with all legal aspects of buying a property. They examine the draft contract, liaise with your mortgage lender and carry out searches to make sure that the seller has the right to sell the property.

Conveyancing solicitors in Glasgow also ensure that the title is free from liens or debts. They will then prepare the transfer documents and complete the transaction process.


The role of a conveyancing solicitor is to represent their client’s legal interests and rights during property transactions. They handle the transfer of ownership between a buyer and seller, and ensure that all legal documents and financial transactions are in compliance with applicable laws. They also provide expert advice on property law and help their clients understand the process of purchasing or selling a property.

The solicitor will prepare and review various legal documents involved in the transaction, such as contracts, transfer deeds, and mortgages. They will also conduct searches and investigations to ensure that the property being purchased is free from any legal or financial issues.


During the property transaction process, a conveyancing solicitor will handle all financial transactions and liaise with the seller’s solicitor. They will also review and prepare various legal documents involved in the transfer of ownership. They will also provide legal advice and guidance to clients, ensuring that they understand their rights and obligations.

They will also conduct local searches to reveal any issues with the property, such as planning permissions or road maintenance responsibilities. They will assess these and other information before drafting contracts on your behalf. They will also check whether a property is freehold or leasehold, which will affect your ownership rights.


Your conveyancer will inspect the results of local searches and the property survey to help inform their negotiation on your behalf. These may highlight things like whether a new road is going to be built close by or that the neighbours are planning on building apartments on their land. They will also check for issues such as flood risk, contaminated land and planning permission granted or denied on the property.

They will then prepare a draft contract for you to sign. They will liaise with the seller’s solicitor to make sure that all legal aspects of the sale are settled and will arrange for contracts to be exchanged.


Once the property transaction is complete, your solicitor will use their legal magic to prepare a Property Report for the buyer. This will contain details relating to the search results, the mortgage (if applicable) and any restrictive covenants and rights of way on the land – for example, is it possible to drive your car over a highway to hell?

They will also request the seller’s title deeds and check them for any issues that may affect ownership. This is particularly important if the seller doesn’t hold their own deeds as it could be difficult to prove they are legally entitled to sell the property.